So comparable to the instant experience Chile Phone Number of Facebook, a way to offer inspiration and therefore real leanforward content. A possibly ideal format for the mid-funnel ( consideration ). Instagram guides facebook Although many people think that Facebook use is decreasing, nothing could be further from Chile Phone Number truth. The channel is next to WhatsApp the most used social channel in the Netherlands with 9.3 million daily users (pdf).

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Moreover, Facebook is very affordable Chile Phone Number when it comes to purchasing video views compared to many other social channels. The target audience on Facebook is slightly older than on Instagram. Facebook is well represented in a broad target group age 20-79. Ideal, therefore, if you want to reach a wide adult audience. Timeline Users view the Facebook timeline on the go. That’s why you should Chile Phone Number immediately stand out with the video you post on this channel.

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Therefore, place your message or call-to-action immediately within the first 3 seconds. The average viewing time is only a few Chile Phone Number seconds. Facebook is also mainly use via the mobile app these days, so I recommend a ratio of 1:1 or 4:5. Facebook Stories Facebook Stories, just like Instagram Stories, fall into the lean forward category: your viewer pays slightly more attention to you. Here Chile Phone Number too, you have to immediately stimulate them with your message, preferably within the first 3 seconds.

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