Why is e-mail marketing still one of the most used channels by companies? Ivan de Souza Mar 5, 20 | 7 min read what is personalized email marketing In a world where everything “expires” and everything goes out of style, we quickly realize that email is still the favorite channel for brands to communicate with their users and potential customers . And it is not surprising, since it is, Greece WhatsApp Number List for the moment, the one that achieves the best results at the lowest cost. Due to its versatility, email can become what we need to communicate at a specific time from a simple informative note to a complete catalog with all the offers of the month.

And the most important thing is that it is a channel aimed exclusively at the person, so it gives us the possibility of managing what content will go to each client and if the behavior they have had regarding it in email Marketing campaigns . Let’s take an example. We have a watch store and we advertise in a jewelry magazine. Makes all sense right? We are making ourselves known to an audience that can potentially consume our product. But surely we are also showing ourselves to people who are looking for earrings, bracelets or who have simply found the magazine in the dentist’s waiting room. Now imagine that we have the possibility of advertising our store in a magazine called: “Watch shops for people who want to buy a watch.” And that we know that it is only bought by people who are really looking to acquire one. It would be great right? Well that’s what email marketing does! Direct us to the right person with the right product. Here is the cornerstone of the question, because we must not only send, send and send information about our brand (spam prohibited). The idea is to involve the consumer, who really becomes a two-way communication channel. How to introduce personalization in Email Marketing When we talk about personalizing we are not saying that you put the name of the person in the header, or not only, at least.

We mean that you use to its full extent all the possibilities that Email Marketing tools offer you to get your client to think: “This message has been written with just me in mind.” But you may be wondering to what extent it is possible to achieve this goal in such a cold and impersonal a priori channel. Do not worry! Let’s see below all the strategies so that your client feels what he is: the protagonist of your business. Know your audience Let us never forget that the person who receives your email is a person . This, which may seem obvious, is forgotten by many companies when they send mass emails to purchased lists or that do not allow responding to the message. Creating a buyer persona (semi-fictional representation of the ideal client) is essential to know what to write and how to do it. Only by knowing what the user we are addressing is like can we get the tone and design right. Regarding the visual content, take care of the format in which you present your text. The colors will be of the utmost importance since it will depend on what you want to convey whether you use one or the other. We also have to take care of the type of images and even the fonts used.

Let’s not forget that everything is part of communication, so knowing what we want to transmit and to whom it is addressed will give us clues when building our e-mail. Regarding the text, be brief, and always try to show yourself as the person you are. There is nothing that takes you further than an e-mail that appears to be typed. Segment your actions Knowing the customer gives us an advantage: knowing what their need is, and therefore being able to satisfy it at the right time in the most appropriate way. Segmentation is a basic act in any campaign, what Digital Marketing allows us is to do it in a much more detailed way, customizing each characteristic that we consider important for a specific campaign. It is one of the most interesting aspects when we compare digital and traditional marketing. In the case of the traditional one, the advertising campaigns are made based on data, of course, but the audience we reach does not necessarily have to be the ideal one. For example, in the case of a television program for teenagers, presumably it will be watched by people of that age range. So it makes sense to promote sugary drinks or music magazines. But perhaps, they are not products that they consume or they are not the decision makers when making the purchase.

What we want to say is that, thanks to digital marketing, we can segment our audience by not only demographics, we can also do it by behaviors. When you know the behavior of a user (eg he bought chocolate shakes), don’t you think it will be more effective to run a campaign on shakes for him in particular? This is what can be done thanks to dynamic segmentation! And all in an automated way: every time a customer buys a product, they can receive an offer on it in a few days. Consider your funnel stage Building an effective sales funnel allows us to create content that makes sense to the person depending on the moment of their shopping journey. And, as we have been talking throughout the article, the client wants to feel special. This is not achieved by sending the same content to everyone, as each client is in a different state of decision. We have to educate the lead, close the purchase and retain the one who has already made it. Therefore, take care of your message, and adapt it to the current needs that the consumer has. Call them by name It is true that customizing your email marketing strategy is much more complex than simply placing a code to display the person’s name.

Of course! But not as an accessory, it is no longer essential. Receiving an email with your own name, company or city name, brings us closer to the brand because in some way we perceive that they know us. A good Email marketing tool must have some codes that, when placed in our campaign, “will look for” the name (or whatever we want to write) of the person on the contact list and magic! the recipient receives your completely personalized message automatically. Choose the right moment The objective of our campaign is that people see it, right? Well, studies show that a message is much more likely to be opened within minutes of being received than afterwards. Therefore, it is essential that we know the moment in which our public is most receptive. The sector to which our company belongs will have a lot to do with the times, so we will have to adjust to this characteristic.

Surely it is not very appropriate to send an e-mail if our product is related to work on a Sunday afternoon. Don’t you think In addition, if our business or undertaking is multinational , we have to know the time differences and also the most important holidays or dates of the country or region in question. To get it right on this topic, it is best to perform A / B tests, that is, tests in which we send exactly the same content at different times and, through the metrics that our e-mail marketing platform offers us, be able to know the ideal moment for our audience. Also customize the non-shipping Knowing when NOT to send a certain campaign is also part of (good) digital marketing. Not sending a certain campaign to someone may be due, in addition to what we have already been commenting on (not being the target, not being in the right location, not being a consumer of a certain product …) to strategic planning.

It is not advisable to send too many messages to one person continuously, so we must personalize each campaign we carry out with dynamic segments in which we establish that the person who has received an e-mail from us in the previous 1, 2, 5 days, you will not receive the current campaign. We can also do this when the user is “inactive”, that is, when the person does not open any of our e-mails within a certain time. If you are not interacting with our content, don’t you think it is better for that user to stop receiving it? In this way, we save time and money on the one hand, and on the other, not be perceived as “spam”. E-mail marketing has ceased to be a mass communication medium, to become a two-way channel, but, for this, companies must know the person on the other side and thus offer them the best at the right time

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