PrestaShop is a free ecommerce management platform that has a wide variety of features that are essential for those responsible for a virtual store. This solution works as a CMS totally focused on structuring and managing online retailers without complications and in a personalized way. Ivan de Souza Jan 13, 20 | 10 min read Virtual stores are democratic and serve all audiences, at the same time they can be a resource for retailers of all sizes. New entrepreneurs are often looking for accessible resources to build their ecommerce , using options like WooCommerce . Among the current options, PrestaShop is one of the tools that has conquered more users. Combining a wide selection of very useful resources when building and managing an online store , this platform is also very simple to operate. Today it is not so difficult to start a business with a completely online operation . Creating an ecommerce has become a simple task that does not require programming and development knowledge. This increased accessibility is one of the highlights of PrestaShop, among a number of other advantages of the platform. In this post we will tell you everything about this incredible tool. Continue reading! What is PrestaShop?

PrestaShop is a CMS platform to create and manage e- commerce focused on the essential features and resources for an online store. The purpose of this tool is to offer its users an environment similar to that presented by WordPress , Sweden WhatsApp Number List but focused on digital retail, from creation to maintenance. Since e-commerce is an option for brands that do not have physical stores to market their products, professionalizing this way of working becomes increasingly necessary. Parallel to this, companies that want to have effective ecommerce systems , without the need for so much complexity, are also looking for simple and accessible solutions. PrestaShop can be useful to these two audiences, thanks to its wide range of resources, its ease of operation and, mainly, because it is free. Without the need to hire developers, any professional with minimal software experience, especially WordPress, can build an ecommerce. Hosting need To have a website we must hire a space to host it , that is, an internet address where the infrastructure will be available. The accommodation is a basic service to operate any website, is no different when it comes to ecommerce. Therefore, it is always important not to get confused: PrestaShop does not have a hosting function, that is, it does not guarantee an online site. The platform is just a panel where the user can build, customize, monitor and modify his website at any time. To put the page on the air it is necessary to hire a hosting service. If you already work with WordPress, for example, you surely understand this relationship perfectly, since PrestaShop is exactly a CMS, with the particularity that it is focused on e-commerce. What are the advantages of this platform? PrestaShop is a platform that provides a series of advantages to users who choose it as their main ecommerce administration service.

Its functions provide from a friendly way of operating to start the construction of the website, to the simplification of the management of the daily routine. Here we will mention some advantages! Easy to use Starting to use a new environment is something that always puts experience in doubt, especially in terms of the technical part. PrestaShop stands out for being a solution that does not impose complications on users, working in a very practical way. This practicality begins in the site creation stage , considering the visual part, that is, the interface of the pages, also going through the integration with tools and the product registration. Everything is very intuitive and has no major difficulties. As for daily management, it is very easy to access information, such as sales metrics and access to pages and products, as well as add new products. Users can quickly adapt to the mechanism of this CMS without major difficulties. Customization options Another great advantage PrestaShop offers is its range of customization features for the website created on the platform. In view of the need to have an environment adapted to the communication of the brand and the identity of the company , it is essential to have wide options of visual details. Therefore, in PrestaShop it is possible to capture the identity of your brand on the website, which greatly increases user engagement .

This is possible thanks to the various design options and customization of the website details that this tool has. Creative freedom allows you to achieve the best results! PrestaShop users have many theme options to build their ecommerce. This is because you can find designs for sale on other sites, such as ThemeForest . There you can find an even greater variety, which will allow you to build your ecommerce with the perfect visual. Search engine optimization Just as important as having a great online structure for our ecommerce is making sure it is visible to Google search engines. The sites adapted for SEO are a great ally of those who take care of the pages and PrestaShop can help in this regard. Each and every one of the stores created with the platform will already have preset optimizations, which ensures that these sites meet the main requirements required by Google’s algorithms. Optimizations are critical for ecommerce to gain a competitive advantage . Therefore, at least in the beginning, users will not have to worry about the most basic settings and structure of the website they are creating. In practice, this adaptation that PrestaShop proposes helps reduce work and guarantee visibility. seo guide Completely free access Low-cost strategies are always an excellent option, in the case of Presta Shop it is even better, since it is completely free. To start using it, you simply have to download and install it, without a doubt this is a great difference in relation to any other tool.

Although the issue of cost is an incredible advantage, it is important to say that it has some negative points, such as, for example, there is no comprehensive support service for everyday problems with the platform, an issue that we must definitely take into account when time to evaluate. Are there any downsides to using Prestashop? Prestashop also has some difficulties and disadvantages that can affect the user experience, especially compared to other tools in the same segment. Therefore, it is necessary to point out some relevant issues, such as:the learning time to build modules is a bit longer, hurting the experience from the perspective of the ease of construction of the sites;the number of free modules is limited; the administration panel is more complex and less intuitive, unlike platforms like Rock Stage , which has a very simple and functional interface;To incorporate a blog in your ecommerce it is necessary to use a paid module. which are your principal functions? PrestaShop has a selection of features that allow website administrators to achieve better performance, ease of use, and generally have a complete platform. With so many resources, managing ecommerce will not be such a complex challenge.

Then check out what these features are and what they offer in terms of performance. Structuring into modules The modules are operational options that allow PrestaShop to be even more complete and obtain more functions and integrations to tools that are essential in the management of an ecommerce. In comparison, these modules are almost like WordPress plugins and add options that automate tasks and allow monitoring. Among these modules, there is integration with paid tools, with marketing automation systems , metric monitoring solutions, among others. For each module to work, it must be downloaded from the PrestaShop panel. From there, simply install them and start using them, as they will begin to collect information so that your ecommerce works better. Customer information monitoring To manage an ecommerce, it is necessary to know more about the buying habits and preferences of your audience, which is only possible if you monitor the metrics and indicators. Therefore, through Google Analytics , PrestaShop makes it possible to control this information and, in addition, proposes personalized customer management, based on their preferences. In practice, this functionality offers an excellent opportunity to get to know your average consumer even more, starting to segment the product offering with greater precision. Not only in the selection of articles, but also in Digital Marketing strategies , it is possible to increase the precision of the customer relationship. This increases engagement and, consequently, sales .

Easy migration from other platforms PrestaShop is not a useful platform only for those who do not have an ecommerce yet. It also attracts users who feel conquered by the great offer of advantages and functions and can decide to change the service they currently use and start managing their ecommerce in PrestaShop. For this, the platform offers an extremely simple migration. The main point of this function is that the transition process does not cause a drop in services, that is, the migration does not mean that the store will have to go offline for some time. The entire process is carried out without affecting the availability of the online store. All data is transferred without loss, in a very simplified process. We not only save time, we continue to sell on top of that! Simple product and promotion management The practicality required to manage a high level of products and their information also depends on how the platform offers its resources. A simplified dashboard with clear information makes all the difference when applying changes in blocks, without the need for complex manual work. In this sense, PrestaShop stands out for allowing administrators, for example, to create promotions in a practical way, selecting several products at the same time and applying the discount percentage.

This automated work eliminates the need to calculate product values ​​one by one. Productivity increases and the probability of errors is reduced! Delivery rate calculator Another essential tool that every ecommerce manager needs is the delivery rate calculator, without it it is impossible to correctly calculate the total amount of the transaction including delivery. This is because there are three essential variables that will affect the price:weight; size; destination. Ideally, therefore, this calculation should be automatic. With the well-being of the user in mind, PrestaShop ensures that the calculator is available for any website created on its system. You will not even have to download specific modules, as the platform allows you to add this function to any virtual store created. Why choose PrestaShop? Among the various management platform options available on the market, each one has its pros and cons, but one question is essential: the solution has to allow you to manage your online store and keep it running, with the necessary efficiency, 24 hours a day. . Because of that, choosing PrestaShop can be a great decision if the idea is to sell online without that becoming a problem for us. It is difficult to have a team that solves all the demands of managing an ecommerce and, what is worse, it is difficult to do a good job without the ideal resources. Because of this, choosing PrestaShop as your ecommerce management CMS is an excellent option.

Then we will tell you why! Having an ecommerce is essential A brand that sells products on the Internet is directly dependent on the sales structure and exposure of its products to the public. There are many small entrepreneurs who limit themselves to social networks or collective platforms, such as Mercado Libre. PrestaShop is a leap in quality for those who are thinking about professionalization and creating a highly effective management environment. Functional tools are essential PrestaShop tools are the main point when we talk about the details. They are a true control and administration panel for the sites, ensuring that those in charge of the work are not missing anything. Modules make the situation even easier. Cost-benefit is always a point A free, advanced solution is a professional’s dream, isn’t it? If the features that we show you in this content are appropriate for your project, it is certainly worth giving PrestaShop a try and take advantage of all these advantages at no cost. Good tools will always be needed to take care of a brand’s ecommerce and, in this sense, PrestaShop is an excellent way to start a project with a complete structure.

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