Unemphatic forms like je she we and Turkmenistan Email List me would be colloquial speeches. So you should  Not write them But no Here’s the thing If we you them and.The like sound better don’t write them. As us  you and them . Full forms Turkmenistan Email List like us , you and you are good if they are (may) be emphasized. In other cases, they can appear unnatural. Misconception 4: Basically everything with ‘them’ and ‘their’ ‘Have them!’ aargh! That is about the ugliest Dutch thing you can imagine, according to a lot of people. Even people who Turkmenistan Email List seem to say it themselves (and there are more than you think). And because they sound so ‘contaminated’, people find that shape suspicious.

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If you ask them what’s good in a sentence UAE Email List like ‘I gave them/them a bottle of win. Most say it must be them – and that’s how they learned it in school. Which it isn’t, because by the traditional rule here it’s theirs (it’s an UAE Email List indirect object). Incidentally, that school rule was devised in the seventeenth century by someone who also wanted to make a difference between him and hum . Why, centuries later, we are still left with the aftermath of that artificial and mostly misunderstood rule ( their as an indirect object, them Turkmenistan Email List as an object and after a preposition) is actually a mystery. Partly thanks to the aversion to them , that unworkable difference is finally disappearing. Here’s the thing:

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The modern rule is on the rise: in all UAE Email List t cases, write them , so, “I gave them a bottle of wine.” Their is then exclusively possessive: their house . In colloquial terms, many people think they sound a bit stiff, especially in the Turkmenistan Email List Netherlands; usually we say them or them . The classic rule is: their is an indirect object (‘I give them something’), them is a direct object (‘I see them’) and comes after prepositions ( with them ). For fans of that rule, the Onze Taal website still offers a list of hundreds of verbs and expressions to Turkmenistan Email List which their or them ‘belongs’ .

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