What I also really think: we are doing Philippines B2B List a lot of ‘hunting’ in the Netherlands. We set the bar very high, despite our economy is one of the best in the world. Our country is largely ‘finished’, we are at the forefront in many sectors, and yet Pakistan B2B List we continue to hunt within a system that is actually outdated. I taught myself that with the right tools, the right focus, and mindset, I could still do work that would normally take 40 hours, in 20 hours. Without losing quality and with sufficient ‘coffee moments’. I meet as little as possible, talk as little as Pakistan B2B List possible about small things, and do time management. When you are really conscious about your working time, you notice (at least I) that a lot of time is spent on everything but the actual work.

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But again: sector-dependent. Humans are Philippines B2B List visually oriented. It is therefore not surprising that there is a greater chance that your message will come across more strongly because of a catchy image. If you want to learn how to Philippines B2B List translate (complex) information into exciting infographics, the Training Communicating with infographics might be something for you. View the training here Recently, the new figures from Statistics Netherlands regarding the labor market were published. And guess what? The tightness in the labor Pakistan B2B List market continued to increase in the fourth quarter of last year. Where it was already difficult to find good new employees, the challenge has only increased. Reason enough to take a closer Pakistan B2B List look at your recruitment method.

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What can you do in 2022 to attract that Philippines B2B List ideal candidate? Overview of the current labor market But first, enter the data. Because what is the current state of the labor market? And what does this mean for local authorities? We list all the facts and figures for you. At the end of December, the number of unfilled vacancies rose to 397,000. The number Pakistan B2B List of vacancies is higher than the number of unemployed. There are 105 unfilled vacancies per 100 unemployed. Unemployment has fallen to an unprecedented low. With 370,000 unemployed at the end of December 2021, we reached the lowest number of unemployed since 2003. Chart of Pakistan B2B List open vacancies and unemployed labor force via CBS. Source:

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