Because the order of the day demands all Macau B2B List  your precious time, you no longer make time for issues that arise further in the future. Do you want to go the extra mile ? Then you have less space for that. In the short term, we have not heard Macau B2B List t customers complain about this approach. But whether that is also the case in the long term remains to be seen. To tackle this challenge, you must dare to rethink all your priorities. Are you going for an approach where you always want to evolve and work on bigger tasks? Then you will have to adjust Laos B2B List the duties of an employee in a 4-day working week. With less focus on the order of the day. There is never a lack of time, but there is a lack of priority. Think carefully about when you take a day off When do you take your day off?

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A man with stress due to the Macau B2B List working week. No room for the extra mile When we look at the content of the work our colleagues have done, they spontaneously talk about their priorities: “Setting the right priorities is Macau B2B List of the biggest challenges of the four-day working week”. You have to do the same amount of work as before, but in a shorter time. According to our colleagues, you can complete the tasks in the short Laos B2B List and medium term without any problems: the four-day work regime is no problem there. “The necessary tasks will be completed in one day less. It is the less pressing matters that are more focused on the future that are compromised.

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Everything to not have to work Macau B2B List that day off. Also read: The 25-hour work week is actually quite logical For our colleagues, this full focus mode was also a necessity. Because what if they worked – even if only for a moment – ​​on their Laos B2B List day off? Then they paid a price for it. They indicated that they could enjoy their free time less because they were mentally still at work. And they couldn’t really work either, because you are still ‘on Laos B2B List your day off’. So it’s a lose-lose scenario. The four-day working week therefore seems to bring more stress with it than it would remove.

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