API Rest is the set of good practices used in the HTTP requests made by an API in a web application. Understand how this technology works, what types of APIs exist, and their importance on a website. Ivan de Souza Mar 17, 20 | 5 min read how Rest API works What is an API Rest? If you want to know how to create a website that uses good practices for creating web applications, you must understand that concept. It is about understanding how to use HTTP requests within specific guidelines, Cyprus WhatsApp Number List since they are responsible for consistently mapping the elements of a web application. Understanding this issue is important, since this technology is used to facilitate communication between a back-end application and different forms of front-end presentations, that is , it is essential for the development of multiplatform applications .

We made this post to explain how that concept works. Throughout the text, you will see: What is an API Rest? What types of Rest API are there? What is an API Rest for? How important is Rest API to the company website? What are the advantages of using API Rest? Do you want to know the importance of Rest architecture in the performance of your website ? Let’s go there! What is an API Rest? Before introducing the concept of Rest API, it is necessary to explain what an API (Application Programming Interface) is. It is a set of requests that allows data communication between applications. For that, the API uses HTTP requests responsible for the basic operations necessary for data manipulation. The main requests are: POST: create data on the server ; GET: read data on the host ; DELETE: delete the information; PUT: update log. Rest, which is short for Representational State Transfer, is a set of restrictions used to make HTTP requests comply with the guidelines defined in the architecture . Basically, the constraints determined by the Rest architecture are: Client-server : the existing applications on the server and the client must be separated. Stateless : requisitions are performed independently, i.e. each single run a particular action. Cache : The API should use the cache to avoid recurring calls to the server. Uniform interface : it groups four other concepts in which it is determined that the resources must be identified, the manipulation of the resources must be through representation, with self-describing messages and using links to navigate through the application.

Then, when we talk about the Rest API, it means using an API to access back-end applications, so that communication is done with the standards defined by the Rest architecture style . What types of API are there? Basically, there are three types of APIs: Private : that are used internally between the applications of a company, that is, locally . Partners : used between business partners or to allow integration between different software . Public : that can be used freely. They are often made available by the company so that developers can integrate with other applications. What is API Rest for? There is a lot of variation in the ways that APIs are used. Social networks , for example, provide an API that can be used on other sites to retrieve information from a page. There are several plugins for WordPress accessing social networks through them and transform the result of this interaction in small displays the current status of the corresponding page.

hus, if a user wants to like the page, for example, it is not necessary for them to leave the original site for this action. When you click the Like button, there is an API call to complete this operation. To make this possible, social networks provide a token with the proper authorization for the API to have access to the information. Like social media, APIs are also used by ecommerce sites to access payment intermediaries and complete purchase transactions. Therefore, the API serves to communicate between applications to exchange information quickly and safely . How important is the Rest API to the company website? One of the most important factors when using a website with Rest API is the ease of communication with other applications. The interfaces allow adding functionalities or information to the website in a simple, fast and secure way. In this way, it is possible to create websites or applications in the cloud to access data from more robust systems, such as ERPs, regardless of the platform from which the data originates.

This function allows companies to access up-to-date information much more quickly . These contents may also interest you: Learn about Cloud Hosting and why it is currently so useful for web pages Cpanel: discover how this resource works and how to implement it on your website Do you know how indexing works in Google? Find out if the search engine finds your website What are the advantages of using a Rest API? The characteristics of the Rest API architecture provide a number of benefits to applications that use this concept. See some below. Separation between client and server One of the benefits of using the Rest API model is the separation between front-end and back-end applications. This is important to protect data storage, since there is no treatment of commercial rules, that is, only information is exchanged either to retrieve data, or to insert or delete new records. More visibility, reliability and scalability Due to the client / server separation, there is much more ease during application development. This is because it can be easily scaled, as there is no difficulty in linking resources. As each request is made uniquely and independently, it is possible to change a request to another DNS , without interfering with the application. In other words, a Rest API allows the application to access databases from different servers , which is often important for development in large applications. Therefore, its use guarantees greater visibility and credibility when using these resources.

Multi platform HTTP requests made in API Rest return data in JSON format. It should be mentioned that there are other possible return formats, such as XML , however, JSON is the most used. Therefore, most sites that work with this model receive this data format. This feature is essential for cross-platform application development . This is because, by receiving the data in this format, the front-end layer of the application is able to perform the appropriate treatment to show the results according to the type of device used. Using Rest API is important to add various functions to the site . Its characteristics allow integration with different applications; among them, social networks and payment systems. For this reason, it is a technology that guarantees greater reliability and scalability, as well as facilitating the development of multiplatform applications. Did you like our content on Rest APIs? So how about you increase your knowledge? Check out this article on website elements right now!

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