store set up, with products and all! Let’s get started. Note: This guide assumes you have picked a product to sell. If not, refer to this guide to market research. 1 Estonia Email List Plan Your Store Without Opening Your Computer 2 Choose Your Store’s Name 3 Create A Shopify Account 4 Select & Customize Your Shopify Theme 5 Optimize Your Store’s Settings 6 Create Your Essential Pages 7 Add Products To Your Store Estonia Email List 8 Create Your Collections 9 Add Discount Codes 10 Get Familiar With Your Orders Page 11 Review Your Analytics & Set Up Google Analytics 12 Add These Recommended Apps 13 Choose A Paid Plan 1. PLAN YOUR STORE

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WITHOUT OPENING YOUR COMPUTER Note: The planning is not part of the hour it takes to create your store. This part is actually where you should spend the most time, so you can fly through the actual setup process. Before you even open your laptop to work, there are a few Estonia Email List questions you should answer. The questions: Are you opening solo or with a business partner? If it’s with a Estonia Email List partner, how will you split up the work? What about the profit? If you’re in a committed relationship, will your significant other support you working long hours? (If this is a side-hustle on top of a full-time job, it’s not uncommon to work well into the

Estonia Email List

night. If it’s your main job, you’ll likely need financial support as you start.) Beyond these relationship questions, you’ll also want to determine your goal. Do Estonia Email List you want this to replace your job, or is it a hobby? How much time do you have to spend on this project? What about money — do you have a budget to hire a designer, or will you bootstrap? (If you’re bootstrapping, it will require Estonia Email List a lot more of your time.) How casual or serious do you want the tone of your business to be? What are some companies whose tone you admire? Consider these for your about us page, as a lot of people get hung up on that and it will eat into your hour if you let it!

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