At Rock Content we breathe the production of relevant content as a sustainable and efficient way to generate corporate contacts that later become real sales opportunities. That is why Lithuania Phone Number List I am going to share the story of how we have obtained 700 monthly leads without spending even 1 peso with Google Ads or on social networks. Luiza perez Jun 1, 20 | 15 min read what to do to generate leads without Ads [Rock Content case] Many companies still believe that Digital Marketing is summarized in Ads campaigns and social networks. Even I thought this way too, until I entered Rock Content.

My experience in the company showed me that the possibilities within Digital Marketing are endless and that with a solid Content Marketing strategy , not having money to invest in Ads became irrelevant. Over time, we managed to build an increasingly strong base of contacts through a totally organic strategy. And this still allows us to generate various business opportunities every month. Of course nothing happened magically. In these last months, we have worked and tested a lot of strategies. And so I decided to write this article. In the following lines, I am going to tell you what were the best practices that we implemented to generate demand here at Rock, which today make us create more than 700 sales opportunities every month , and also some important tips that can help you. Accompany me! Starting at the top of the funnel: attraction First of all, none of this would be possible if we had not started with the top of the Content Marketing funnel, that is, the generation of traffic for our blog. Many companies already understand the need for a blog and its nutrition, with relevant content optimized for the user’s intention in search engines. But, it seems to me many times that this is left aside within digital strategies or is considered as something secondary. Here at Rock, the blog is essential to generate the results we have today . In Content Marketing, everything begins with attracting visitors, and it was obvious that in our case it could not be different.

But I’m not going to share so many details in this part, because we have this post that especially tells the story of how we developed the strategy of our blog , which recently surpassed the 2 million monthly visitors mark. Don’t stop looking at it too! What is a business opportunity for Rock Content? An opportunity for us are the contacts that come to us and that fit our lead or MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) criteria , and for that reason, they can be worked on by our sales team. In each company this is different because each type of business has a different ideal customer profile (Buyer Persona), and needs different data from its users to qualify them in the best way and know how to lead them through the sales funnel . From the construction of the Buyer Persona it is possible to think about what type of information we need from the contact so that it is qualified as a lead or an MQL. For example: if you are in the B2B (Business to Business) universe, is knowing the size of your contact’s company essential to define if this is a good deal or not? And the location? In the end, for us, what differentiates a lead from an MQL is that the MQL has sought out Rock himself to help him , actively requesting to schedule a talk with our consultants, and a lead has not yet. That is, an MQL is even more prepared for the purchase, however, this does not mean that a lead is not a business opportunity as well.

And the other contacts? Much of our contact base does not fit our lead or MQL criteria, and therefore are not considered business opportunities for Rock, for now . This does not mean that we exclude them . We continue to attract these contacts to Rock through free content and newsletters. This is very important, because one of the main objectives of Content Marketing is to educate the market. And who knows one day one of these contacts can become a potential customer ? 14 tips to generate leads without spending a dollar with Ads Now that you know how we classify business opportunities within our base, I will show you the strategies we use to attract and convert these people and tips that may be applicable to your Digital Marketing strategy as well. You probably already know some of these strategies, but here we will tell you exactly how we apply them so that they give us results. Come with me! 1. Define your Buyer Persona All the actions that I am going to mention in this list are much more effective in practice, because they take into account our Buyer Personas.

The Buyer Persona is the semi-fictional representation of our ideal client. It has a name, position, professional goals, main marketing problems, among other information. This helps us to direct all our strategic actions within the Marketing team, as we create content focused on the people we want to reach and on their customer journey , optimizing our efforts. To learn more about buyer personas and how to create yours, I recommend our free material :rock-convert-cta id = »42127 ″] 2. Organize your sales funnel Before putting a lot of Marketing actions into practice , my suggestion is to organize the sales funnel of your business. If you are not familiar with the term, the sales funnel is the representation of the stages that a potential client goes through, before the closing of the sale. This helps the Marketing team in terms of its alignment with the sales force , as it establishes processes so that everyone meets the business objectives. With the more defined funnel, you will be able to better decide the Marketing strategies and actions that you are going to implement.

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