A well implemented and carried out Content Marketing strategy is capable of exponentially increasing the results of a company. In this article you will see how Ambra University and Rock Content, working together, positioned more than 3,086 keywords on the first page of Google! Barbara Georgiane Mar 6, 20 | 8 min read Ambra University success story For many people, Georgia WhatsApp Number List obtaining a university degree is a great dream. Imagine that you are Brazilian and you can graduate from an American university and, most interestingly, in your mother tongue.

Now, imagine the countless doors that this diploma could open for you to get your dream job. Did you already imagine it? If it is possible! Ambra University is an American university based in Orlando that offers undergraduate and graduate courses in the fields of business and Brazilian law. The courses can be taken on campus (in person), through the Internet or in combination (mixed). The university believes that teaching should be carried out with high quality, offering training with individualized assistance, development of technical and social skills, allowing flexible study and providing institutional support. The Ambra blog is «Direito Profissional», which focuses on the Content Marketing strategy in the university’s online law teaching, mainly for the new courses of Master of Laws , Master of Conflict Resolution and Master of Compliance. How did Ambra come to Rock Content? Ambra University had invested heavily in paid ads and relied on Google Ads to be seen by its leads . This was because she didn’t have a consistent content strategy that would allow her potential students to find her on search engines. It was then that the institution changed its pay audience for its own consistent and recurring audience, investing in Content Marketing for its blog. At that time, Rock Content took action with a strategy developed specifically for the North American university to obtain a high volume of organic traffic, so that its people could find it in the first positions of Google pages.

If you had to build your audience on a platform that you can’t control (Google Ads) and a fully customizable one (blog), which one would you prefer? It is true that having unlimited access and power over a strategy to conquer potential clients is much more advantageous than having them in an unstable environment (paid media) and, even so, obtaining results in a predictable way is almost a utopia. It is from this perspective that we want to share with you this very successful case that Ambra University and Rock Content built together. What results did Ambra University hope to achieve with a Rock Content strategy? Despite its noble objectives and exclusive advantages, it was necessary to create a strategy to improve its presence on the web and give it the digital visibility necessary to attract people designed by Rock, that is, visitors who are looking for an institution that offers exactly what Ambra offers. Therefore, in an adjustment discussion it was decided that the main objectives of the project would be:Attract, educate and generate leads . The monitoring KPIs would be: organic traffic and lead generation .

How was Ambra’s custom strategy built? Rock Content provided professionals prepared to understand the Ambra Univesity market in order to build a strategy that was effective and relevant to conquer territory on the web. A team of professionals designed the project and aligned, at the beginning, the expectations of both parties. Who are and what do the professionals involved in a Content Marketing strategy do? Rock Content dedicated a team of specialists to take on this project. Are they:Marketing Specialist Who made the first contact to understand if direct traffic was the real need of the institution or if there was something else that Rock Content could take advantage of for the strategy. Implementation Analyst That collected all the customer information to create the ideal strategy and start the customer journey on the service platform: Rock Studio . Which is where the client manages their entire content strategy. Content Marketing Who plans the keywords , creates the guidelines of the blog posts and delegates the tasks to the content producers. It is important to emphasize here that it is not a professional from the Rock Content talent network who performs the client’s tasks. The Content Marketing Analyst is responsible for finding the ideal professional for the strategy on our platform, in accordance with the guidelines aligned with the client. This action allows us to order our methodology to satisfy the client’s needs and generate the correct result.

Content Producer for the Rock Content Talent Network It produces the contents according to the guidelines approved by the client and following the guidelines assigned to the project and, also, following the Content Production Guide in order to guarantee the Rock Content quality standard. Customer Success Analyst It is this professional who will lead the strategy , accompany the details and all the client’s demand to guarantee the success of the strategy when showing the results. As we can see, a team of highly experienced professionals dedicated themselves to Ambra’s objective to create the best solution and, in this way, guarantee satisfactory results for both companies. In practice, how does the strategy work? The contents are published or scheduled as the client approves them on the platform. The contents are optimized with the good practices of SEO On Page before reaching the blog. Publications are made following an editorial calendar created in accordance with the project plan. What were the difficulties encountered in the process? Getting good rankings for relevant keywords that would drive visitors to the blog was the main challenge we spotted, a challenge Rock Content is prepared to deal with all the time.

To overcome this we define the following actions: 1. Planning your guidelines with long-tail keyword selection They are used in marketing strategies to reach the top positions of Google for terms that have low search volume and little competition . 2. Production of content by content producers of the Rock Content talent networkAll texts are optimized for a good positioning that generates qualified visits and makes it easier for them to be found, thus creating real opportunities to reach the first position in Google . 3. Review of texts by the client For the strategy to be successful, the client’s commitment to the process activities is essential , such as reviewing the guidelines and texts produced by the content producers of the Rock Content talent network. 4. High volume and constant publishing This is necessary so that the search engines begin to detect the intention of the blog / website to offer the correct answer for the user who is doing a certain search. The success of the strategy It was the academic director of the Ambra Univesity, Alfredo Freitas , who directed the entire strategy and followed the Rock Content guidelines together with the Client Success Analyst, Fernanda Viana, and the Content Marketing analyst, Gabriela Duarte, making this possible case of success:There were 4.3 thousand visits in December 2018 compared to 55 thousand visits in December 2019.

Comparing the year, we had 43 thousand visits in 2018 and 311 thousand visits in 2019;in 2019 there was an increase of 548.24% in total sessions and 598.68% in organic sessions compared to 2018;Ambra’s blog went from 12,382 organic sessions to 74,453 in one year (2019). For Alfredo, the main challenge was the time it took him to achieve the result. In return, choosing Content Marketing was the best solution. It is much cheaper than investing in paid media and, in addition, the company’s website receives an average of 1.3 times more visits than companies that have not implemented the same practice, according to Content Trends 2019 . Testimony of Alfredo Freitas Rock Content contributed significantly to Ambra Univesity ™ being able to place online, maintain and constantly update the “Direito Professional” portal, which is a source of content on advocacy, conflict resolution and compilation. Throughout our work together, the contents have attracted people to our website, exceeding all our expectations for numbers of visits for 2019. Ebooks are essential for visitors to become leads and stay in contact with us, and constant and adequate content ensures that our blog has more and more audience every day and gains more and more space when it comes to highly competitive terms, such as advocacy, conflict mediation, mediators, etc. In 2020 we will continue with Rock Content and we are very excited about the possibilities of results for our blog. I cannot fail to mention that all of this is the result of the effort and dedication of the people who work at Rock Content. I want to thank the rockers: Maristela Leão, Fernanda Viana and Gabriela Duarte who closely accompanied the project in the last year and all the rockers who worked directly or indirectly.

Thank you very much Rockers and thank you very much Rock Content! ” Now for 2020, the goal is sales! We have a lot of organic traffic and leads that are constantly generated, the goal is to transform this volume into conversions and therefore structure a scalable, measured and fully documented Inbound Sales process to explore all the growth potential we have. Rock Content customer service differentials One of the main differentials of Rock Content is that it dedicates a multidisciplinary team that is totally present in the life of the company. Therefore, the team knows the business strategies, as well as the profile and needs of the consumers. Its products are developed and adapted to the reality of each strategy and its tools are technological solutions designed to guarantee the expected results. With this we can discover better opportunities to outline the work plan, offering a positive experience to clients and generating satisfaction and practicality to solve each situation. Today, Rock Content is a global company, fully capable of adapting to the diverse realities and markets of companies that need digital visibility to generate growth. Talk to one of our consultants specialized in Digital Marketing and understand the value of a strategy prepared to serve your company in a totally exclusive way.

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