Rock Stage is the best WordPress solution for companies and professionals who want to scale their Inbound Marketing strategy through blogs. Matheus Clemente Feb 5, 20 | 5 min read how-rock-stage-works Who never wanted to stop worrying about the technical aspects of the blog and focus all their work on generating leads and creating new opportunities? The tool developed by Rock Content focuses on helping Marketing professionals and companies of all sizes to develop Inbound strategies from WordPress . For this reason, I am going to explain to you how the platform works in practice and what are the advantages for those who want to have a blog with high performance and that generates results. What is Rock Stage? Rock Stage is a platform for hosting and managing blogs, made entirely in WordPress. It was created to solve the difficulty that many companies and Marketing professionals have to manage a blog with ease and without the need for technical knowledge. Marketing professionals often have deep knowledge in areas such as social media , content, and email marketing , but they depend on internal or external technical support to make changes to their blog. And a blog without updates or a professional with a technical barrier to do their work, results mean losing opportunities as increased organic traffic or conversion rate of leads .

What Rock Stage offers is the support that these professionals need, either to launch new sites or blog in WordPress or to improve an existing structure. How does Rock Stage work? It is a solution specialized in WordPress, Oman WhatsApp Number List with the aim of facilitating tasks so that the marketing professional can carry out activities related to the website or blog without technical knowledge, with ease and attention to what really matters: the Marketing strategy. The following services are available: Premium hosting; conversion plugin; customized services; blogging. 1. Premium Hosting Keeping a website on the air requires an optimal hosting infrastructure . Therefore, ensuring that everything is on the air is the number 1 priority of this tool.

Offering the premium hosting service, Rock Stage ensures that the website or blog is always on the air with dedicated servers and professionals specialized in servers and hosting, making the money machine never stop rolling. In this service the following stand out: Monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure that the site is always fully operational; Protection against attacks and expertise in site security ;HTTPS configured for free to ensure that the site is secure; Automatic backup to protect and recover website data. And finally, comes the stage of free migration done by technicians. As it is a hosting service, it is necessary that the data be migrated to the server with security, where the objective is to guarantee that the process occurs in the best possible way, without complications and with the CDN configured. host-rock-stage 2. Conversion plugin Conversion is a key point to ensure that the website is generating new opportunities, either through CTAs, or by conversion optimizations ( CRO ).

And with that in mind, the Rock Convert tool was created to act as a conversion plugin, optimizing recipe and lead generation opportunities through the site. rock-convert-rock-stage This means that the tool is present on Rock Stage with all its functionalities, which include:creation and management of banners and ad bars; newsletter form and content download for capturing e-mails;list integration with RD Station, MailChimp and Hubspot ;track metrics and results such as views, clicks and CTR . 3. Professional services How about having customized solutions according to your needs? The goal of professional services is to drive business with solutions built exclusively for WordPress. Do not stop growing your business because you do not have a technology or a professional specialized in creating complex projects and solutions for your site, such as:site creation; security optimization; PageSpeed; SEO improvements ; migration; WordPress and PHP update. Rock Stage has qualified professionals with extensive experience in Digital Marketing , web development and project management in agile methodology, creating the ideal and personalized scope according to the needs of each client. Delivering, in this way, projects focused on generating results and within the designed scope. 4. Blogging This is a solution focused especially for companies that do not have blogs and that cannot have any of the solutions listed above.

Therefore, the main objective is to create SEO-optimized blog sites that generate more leads with optimizations, contributing to the company’s Inbound Marketing strategy . But how do you do that? The creation of the blog is done quickly and simply, in which it is possible to select the blog settings without the need for a programmer or technical knowledge, since its interface is simple and intuitive, which facilitates the entire process. rock stage blogging After filling in the initial data and choosing a topic, the blog is ready for content creation. Why choose Rock Stage? Simplicity and agility in the processes, provided by a specialized and multidisciplinary team is a great differential factor, taking into account that the processes are centralized in a team, reducing the number of contact points and increasing the speed of delivery. Rock Stage’s team specialized in WordPress is prepared to give all the support: from the use of the platform to a marketing consultancy, taking responsibility for the technical part of infrastructure, speed, security and performance . In this way, all the knowledge of Rock Content is put into practice when the subject is Inbound Marketing and blogs. If you were interested in this topic and want to know more about Rock Stage visit our site and evacuate all your doubts about this new WordPress solution and how to implement it in your company.

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