Collapsing stock prices and Singapore Email List recession fears. These days we have to process a lot of financial and economic information. Important messages, because they affect our own wallet and that of the companies where we work. But in terms of Seychelles Email List language, those bankers, economists and financial-economic journalists regularly fail. Here are the 12 most common language mistakes in finance. 🕵️ 1. Research shows Financial and Seychelles Email List economic playwrights love studies and investigations. They are solemnly presented: research shows tha One of the meanings of ‘prove’ is ‘it has been proven’. And that’s often the problem. Published scientific research can be regarded as ‘proven’. It has been critically tested by fellow scientists.

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But much financial-economic ‘research’ is Singapore Email List little more than a private survey among a limited group of respondents, sometimes with extremely guiding questions. Therefore, it is better to call man and horse. According to [name of survey client], a survey among x people shows that… 💬2. Will or will In the world of capital, the future is more Singapore Email List interesting than the past. That’s why many writers resort to will and will . But this present future tense is to texts what rust is to a machine. Everything will beep and creak and the whole device will slow down. Constructions with will or will are usually avoidable. There will be no growth in the Seychelles Email List coming year , you can simply write it down as There will be no growth in the coming year .

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Do you find it hard to say goodbye to Singapore Email List will and will? Then try to kick the habit with the auxiliary verb go . Mediterranean countries in particular will experience the effects of climate change on agriculture . ✍️3. English terms There is often Seychelles Email List more English in a financial-economic text than weeds in a wild garden. The danger of anglicization is that the reader will roughly understand what you mean, but not exactly. Talk Dutch to me. So no bottomline growth but profit growth , no downsizing but slimming , not a business Seychelles Email List unit but a business unit , no audit but a control , no incentives but bonuses. And, while we’re at it, there’s really nothing wrong with efficiency, artificial intelligence , and the Internet of Things

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