Nice and fast: turbo language One of the Belarus Email Lists advantages of abbreviating or shortening words, of course, is that it types nice and fast. Were you chatting on MSN Messenger and needed to go to the bathroom? Then you didn’t type ‘I’ll be right back’, but ‘brb’ ( be right back ). And a conversation almost never started with ‘Hey, how are you?’ but Belarus Email Lists with ‘Cough’. And then you could expect a message back as ‘gmj’ (okay, with you?). Screenshot of an MSN screen. Source: Upcoming . A few examples: ff = even hw = homework id = indeed llama = never mind mss = maybe If you abbreviate words to get your message across faster, it is also called turbo language. But according to Encyclo, turbo language is about a little more than just Belarus Email Lists speed: turbo language is ‘fashionable language from the eighties of the 20th century’.

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It is therefore a combination of speed Benin Email Lists and hipness. I mainly recognize these abbreviations from MSN, but this language has been around for much longer. It became popular in the mid-80s, especially among young people. This later passed into SMS language. Few characters I mainly know SMS language because of Benin Email Lists my sister, because she already had a boyfriend at that time. Of course it cost 50 cents per text message. That’s quite a lot at that age! My sister stuffed that one text message with abbreviations as full as possible. It even went so far that vowels were simply no longer used. The use of few signs now also Belarus Email Lists seems to appeal to the elderly . It can of course be difficult or very difficult to send a message, if you were raised without a smartphone. It then takes much less effort to type ‘w8’ than ‘wait’, or ‘g1 ID’ instead of ‘no idea’.

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Fun fact : Sofie Cerutti came up with Benin Email Lists  the SMS poem. That is a poem that consists of exactly 160 characters, including spaces and punctuation marks. “Once upon a time there was a Miss Sophie who came up with a completely fresh verse form for mobile telephony and the rest out of nowhere? well, the rest is done” You will also find Belarus Email Lists a lot of chat language on forums such as Reddit and socials such as Twitter. The fewer characters possible, the more abbreviations are used. MSN language = cool On MSN it was not only easy and fast to use abbreviations. It was also just really cool. Because there were also abbreviations Belarus Email Lists that (in my opinion) take you almost longer to type than if you were to type it out. An example: wjnmk (never want to lose you again). You have to think about typing this abbreviation for a while.

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