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Latino Business Review, Central-African-Republic Email List one of the publications of White Digital Media , a media company with an extensive range of magazines and business publications and websites worldwide, begins its new year 2011, addressing the phenomenon of social networks and the digital marketing through an editorial interview with Andrés Toledo, CEO Dtor . from Puro Marketing.

Latino Business Review provides the latest news about finance and information in the business world of the Hispanic market and Latin America, and on this occasion, it has tried to clarify some of the fundamental aspects of digital marketing in media and social networks, and of how these affect businesses and companies.

The interview can also be read through its digital edition

What is social media marketing?

First of all, clarify that we have to conceive Marketing as a set of techniques or processes used to satisfy different needs of customers, consumers and companies. Starting from this base, we must understand that marketing strategies are generally focused on achieving certain universal objectives: Achieving or increasing sales and marketing of services and products, as well as establishing strategies through which to reach, impact, retain and grab the attention of consumers.

Despite the fact that the objectives of companies and brands to conquer consumers remain as they always have been, one of the main objectives and priorities, the appearance of social networks has meant a great change in the rules applied to the marketing and communication of companies.

Taking into account that consumers were the first to reach them and after the authentic social phenomenon generated and reached in some social networks such as Facebook, companies are discovering in them a unique opportunity to connect and communicate in a more direct way with users consumers and potential clients.

It is here when traditional marketing techniques seem to become obsolete and are forced to reinvent themselves and evolve to adapt to a new scenario where consumers have acquired a ‘sovereign power’ capable of influencing their own reputation and the success of companies and brands. . And that’s precisely what defines social media marketing. The different techniques, processes and strategies used to manage the reputation of companies and what is said about them through this type of media, while increasing the visibility of our business in a new digital environment, generating new contacts, links and relationships, and interacting through conversations with users and consumers.

For what types of companies and products is social media marketing suitable?

In particular, I do not believe that there is a rule by which to exclude any type of business or company from the potential of resorting to or using social networks as a channel or marketing tool. Rather, it all depends on knowing how to use them in the most correct, efficient and intelligent way possible.

If it is true, that companies that operate or market through the internet may find certain advantages associated with the possibility of converting their efforts into direct sales within the same environment that the internet network itself supposes. However, many large companies such as Coca-Cola, which market their products offline, have shown that social networks can be considered as excellent tools to enhance the value or reputation of their own brand, and even improve your relationships and the way you communicate with your own customers.

That is why social media marketing can be considered as ‘convenient’ for all types of businesses.

How efficient is it for these companies to invest in marketing and advertising through social networks?

We have to differentiate that Marketing and Advertising are two associated concepts but totally different from each other. While marketing encompasses different market processes and strategies, advertising is only seen as a marketing tool.

This means that the investment of companies can be used exclusively to take advantage of social networks as an advertising channel to reach users and consumers through a simple advertisement, or take advantage of their potential by putting into practice different actions and strategic processes to interact within they.

The great growth of social networks in terms of number of users and page views is concerned, has undoubtedly boosted its business model based on user-directed advertising. However, its effectiveness is still something that is debated and questioned in comparison with other types of ads such as those that show the results of search engines such as Google.

It should be noted that the intention and the applied use that users maintain in this type of network is mainly that of “Chatting, interacting and contacting”. An important aspect if we take into account the use given to other types of tools such as search engines, whose users generally use to “Search and Find”.

For this reason, for the investment of companies on social networks to be truly efficient, it must be based fundamentally on their own habits and the way users interact and communicate. Therefore, this investment should be aimed at ‘feeding the conversation’, and managing the reputation and visibility of our company within them.

How can social marketing improve the SEO of a company?

Until recently, SEO seemed to be recognized as something exclusive within traditional search engine-oriented marketing strategies and with the objective of achieving the highest visibility and relevance within its results. However, the arrival of social networks such as Twitter and the hectic activity generated by its users have served to chart a new course marked by the content and information of the conversations in real time.

Search engines such as Google have taken advantage of this information to extend the capacity and characteristics of their search engine to the real-time information generated through the social media environment, thereby giving a new opportunity to SEO strategies that now incorporate new ‘laws. physical ‘to achieve greater notoriety and visibility.

In this sense, it should be noted that the visibility and relevance of the information changes hands to go from the algorithms of the machines and reach the hands of the users themselves who, under their own criteria, decide what they want to say, share or recommend through the media. social. For this reason, the continuous and constant work carried out through this type of media, as well as the quality of the information and its relevance and interest to other participants, contacts or users can be decisive in achieving our objectives.

Do you think that through social networks the marketing strategies of a company can be improved? Why?

Absolutely yes. If search engines were already considered a great resource within marketing strategies for companies, social networks have increased the field of action mainly because, unlike the first, we not only limit ourselves to finding us but we can take the initiative and start generating new contacts and reaching potential customers and consumers in a more direct way.

In addition, social networks allow loyalty and maintain permanent communication as an active part of the conversation initiated by ourselves or other users. With which, in addition to creating and having a new communication channel, we can learn to listen to consumers, know their opinions or suggestions, and establish well-founded links based on the objective of generating greater trust.

Do you consider Facebook or Twitter a threat to companies like Yahoo or Google? Why?

Generally, this is a topic that is often talked about and debated constantly. Obviously, the great growth of social networks has meant a great change in the way of conceiving the Internet medium and even more so on how it has affected the habits of users.

Many are those who believe that social networks are part of a passing fad that will gradually lose its strength as popular chats, instant messaging systems or discussion forums did in their day. Others, however, consider that social networks are here to stay, but the truth is that as long as they exist and their popularity continues to increase, the rest of the ‘players’ who compete to dominate the network of networks will have to at least consider them as a real threat . All this also bearing in mind that, almost without a doubt, both Facebook and Twitter will continue to evolve, giving way to a new concept of a more advanced social network with more resources and tools for its users.

For Google, the proliferation and great growth of Facebook has led to the appearance on the scene of a new direct competitor for its advertising business that threatens fiercely and little by little to snatch its dominance in this market. However, we must understand that Google is not only a simple search engine, but a whole laboratory of ideas, projects and a wide range of useful services and tools for Internet users.

The threat may have a real and greater repercussion and negative impact on other search engines or companies such as Yahoo or Bing with lower market share, since a significant part of the advertising investments destined by companies to these search engines could be diverted to media and social networks like Facebook.

In the case of Twitter, the evolution of its advertising business still seems to need a little more time to verify its maturity and demonstrate that not only the big ones but the small advertisers are really betting on their innovative advertising formats as an effective alternative to reach the big ones. public. However, beyond its business model, its popularity and the great activity of its users have made it a really powerful and effective communication tool for both companies and brands.

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