Suitsupply CEO, Fokke de Jong, can talk Jordan Phone Number about this through a campaign from 2018. The posters with men kissing were hung at 100 stores in 22 countries. The effect in the Netherlands? About thirty bus shelters, Jordan Phone Number were smashed and dozens of billboards were defaced. The suit brand lost 10,000 followers on social media almost immediately when the campaign was launched online.

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How To Choose Your Niche

We really thought: ”Holy shit, what is Jordan Phone Number happening here”, says Suitsupply founder Fokke de Jong about this. “You expect a reaction, but the magnitude was quite intense. The fact that people are so shocked proves that it is relevant to show it.” Marketing has chosen here to unleash a worldwide shock effect on the market, in order to create a name.

Also read: Managing by brand preference: this Jordan Phone Number is how the customer chooses you JCDecaux – the market leader in outdoor advertising in the Netherlands – says about this: “It remains a fact that Suitsupply Jordan Phone Number has scored an unprecedented amount of earned media, which many PR agencies can only dream of.” And we succeeded, especially if the big BBC also writes about your campaign.

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A positive example of becoming top-of-mind Jordan Phone Number in ‘cheap products’ was Zeeman with the Lucht campaign in 2020. The brand came to the attention because of the low asking price of €4.99 for an Eau de parfum. The fragrances contain 20% perfume oil, just like expensive brands. The perfume was immediately sold Jordan Phone Number out in the Netherlands on the first day.

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