Brand X has X followers on the Instagram Lebanon Phone Number channel with a minimum engagement of X% 12 months after launch. Brand X’s social media ads have at least X impressions from the target audience after Lebanon Phone Number 12 months, with a CTR of X%. These are just examples of how to translate your ‘dot on the horizon’ into measurable KPIs. To measure the progress with those figures to what extent you are on your way to becoming top of mind.

Lebanon Phone Number

New Wine Belongs

Based on these insights, you periodically refine the marketing activities where necessary, in order to remain relevant. Bottom line: having only a lot of people on your website is of little use. It is if it concerns the right people from your target group who are interested in your products/services and who actually Lebanon Phone Number convert. Remember, getting top of mind is a long term approach where keeping focus is essential.

In New Bottles

In short, before investing in brand awareness Lebanon Phone Number campaigns, it’s critical to develop your brand first. To move people from the target group from unfamiliar with your brand to real ambassadors from that strong foundation. Too many website owners and web designers put the contact page design at the bottom of their priority list. A shame, because the contact page is such an important step in the user experience!


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