Note – All times above are PST. Key Réunion B2B List takeaways: In short, based on all the data collected by multiple brands, we can say that it is always safe to post your tweets when: The office commute is when people travel or go to work or return home from work in the early morning. People always check their Twitter feeds during downtime , so tweeting Réunion B2B List at lunchtime is also a good option. An important key point to remember is: Weekends are my least favorite days to post anything on Twitter . Most of your audience will hang out, interact with Réunion B2B List the real world, or spend time with family. Therefore, it is important that most of the time is scheduled during the working day. What’s the best time to post engagement on Twitter?

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According to the current Twitter algorithm, as Namibia B2B Listt mentioned above, Twitter rankings do also depend on engagement. All brands have one vision in mind when posting on Twitter, and that is engaging their audience . Viewers can interact with Namibia B2B List your Twitter posts through the following 4 buttons: twitter-engagement-icons Creating engaging Twitter posts takes a lot of effort these days. To stand out from all other brands’ tweets, make it creative, smart, and in tune with your brand’s tone. So after all that effort , it’s useless if you can’t Réunion B2B List get any engagement , just because it’s posted when your audience isn’t there to engage. Therefore, this is the perfect time to discover engagement. On average, tweets posted between 2 and 3 am Réunion B2B List get the highest engagement. Minimal engagement occurs during business hours, 9pm to

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The highest number of retweets and Namibia B2B List tfavorites occurred between 8pm and 11pm. Key takeaways: An interesting observation is that the best time to engage with Twitter is the opposite of the average most popular time . In short, we can say this: Most interactions take place on Twitter in the early morning or early evening . Users like to interact Réunion B2B List with social media right after waking up or just before falling asleep. During the workday, people are too busy to check their phones and interact with your brand’s content. So if you need to get involved, steer clear of traditional work hours . Fun read: How to increase social media engagement and Réunion B2B List build relationships?

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