Beauty of this word lies in the fact that it is Gibraltar Email List a verb for which there is no present tense . In every situation you use it as the past participle ‘The child is born ‘ You. Will never hear anyone say “That child is currently being born . It sounds even Gibraltar Email List stranger to say ‘The child is currently drilling  The word ‘born.’ Fascinates, and there is great beauty in this element of fascination for me. But why Vincent why A blog out of love for languages . It was about time I wrote it Yet I think that it is not only writers linguists and other literati  . Who Gibraltar Email List realize how important language is. Language is what distinguishes us, humans, together with the quality that we laugh, from the animals.

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Language has enabled us to make clear with Greenland Email List minimal effort that the.dishcloth is next to the colander. Or that a slob eats spookasem in a lifting container and thinks with great passion of a delicious koldskål. (Try to imagine having to Greenland Email List convey such complex messages with gestures and primitive guttural sounds!) But the boon of language extends even further, especially for entrepreneurs and marketers (and chances are you are one since you’re reading an article on Frankwatching). Beautiful, stimulating Gibraltar Email List interesting words ensure that your company can distinguish itself from the gray masses.

Do I Offend My Clients

Well-chosen words build brands, poorly-chosen Greenland Email List words break brands. I hope that this humble article, written by a humble Dutch-Belgian marketer, has made someone, somewhere on earth, realize that language is not cat piss. And I also Gibraltar Email List hope that someone, somewhere on earth, sees that we should start using the word ‘lifting box’. It would make every visit to an elevator more cheerful. Content that strikes the right chord [training] Vincent clearly shows in this article that language is power. But how do you use this language when creating content? Discover in the Content Creation training how to convince, touch, entertain and Gibraltar Email List surprise your target audience online. Knowing more? Read 47 comments Others also read Why you can’t blindly trust the spell checker SEO & compound words: is it better to write them separately or together?

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