You won’t have a strong story or a Catalan Email List result with just bullshit words. You feel it gives your story more body, but it increases the distance with your conversation partner if this person is not as at home in the marketing world as you are. Do you now want to become more aware of the use of bullshit words? Which can! Especially for Congo Email List marketers we introduce the Marketing Bullshit Bingo: the contemporary game for the modern T-shaped marketer! Would you like to play it with your colleagues? Download the PDF with 15 bingo tickets here . The bingo is very suitable to hand out at the next marketing meeting or event. Bullshit bingo Catalan Email List ticket Are we exaggerating or not? Let me start by saying that I regularly catch myself using a lot of marketing bullshit words in succession.

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And if the translation is not made Congo Email List into practice, then as a young professional I give up a bit. Are you working on creating a story that is as beautiful as possible, or are you trying to share knowledge? You don’t convince me by Congo Email List using a lot of jargon. In fact, this is counterproductive. Show me that you really understand it and have also managed to apply it in practice. Of course, well-known marketing sites also contain many of these terms. And this article is not a plea to ban all jargon. As far as I’m concerned, the trick is to find the right balance here. I have not been able to do that in this article. Telemarketing-small For Catalan Email List the modern T-shaped marketer! Of course it sounds very interesting to announce that you are getting started with account based marketing

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And do you do storytelling Then Congo Email List you tell stories. The term storytelling sounds a bit mysterious, but maybe it’s good to occasionally ask yourself what your non-marketing colleague understands better? The marketing terms Catalan Email List are flying around your ears To keep abreast of all developments in the field, I go to events, read books and follow various blogs, podcasts, companies and interesting people… ehh: influencers . Especially at a marketing event you can really add to your dictionary. Whether you want to get Catalan Email List started with account based marketing , marketing automation , SEO , neuromarketing , influencer marketing , demand generation , social selling , employee empowerment , conversion optimization , customer centric design or a new omnichannel digital strategy . Also read: Writing like you talk: 4 tips from a comedian There is a good chance that you will hear several of these terms. You can easily fill a bingo card with that.

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