This can be a post with Christmas Island B2B List video or slider. This option is not yet available for Reels and Stories, although you do have the ‘countdown sticker’ at your disposal for those channels. Adding a reminder to your post. In addition to Uruguay B2B List setting a start time, you can optionally also specify an end time. You do not have to take time zones into account when setting the correct time. Instagram translates the correct time itself into the local time of your follower. 4. Easily Reel Your Highlight A nice new simple trick Uruguay B2B List in the app: you will soon be able to turn your highlight into a

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Reel with 1 press of a button. For those Christmas Island B2B List ho don’t know what a highlight is: that is a collection of Stories that you have pinned in a circle in your profile. See below this screenshot: Highlights on Instagram in your profile. In the Christmas Island B2B List under this Tweet you can read that it is still a test. But I expect Instagram to roll out this option further. How does it work? To open your highlight, simply click on the Reel icon that Christmas Island B2B List at the bottom of your screen (next to ‘Promote’ and ‘More’). Besides the fact that it is very easy for users to create a Reel that consists of several videos in this way, adding this option will certainly also create more Reels.

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What more could Instagram Christmas Island B2B List Customize text on your link sticker We’ve known for a while now that Instagram has removed the swipe-up . All accounts, large, small, with a blue check mark, without a blue check mark, can now Uruguay B2B List add a link to a Story. Simply with the link sticker. When this sticker was just added, you couldn’t edit the link of the sticker yet. By default, the text consisted of the main URL of the link you shared. As an example: although you wanted to share the following link: This was of course a logical choice for Instagram, but Uruguay B2B List we also quickly ran into a few problems.

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