The message “the connection is not private” is a security measure when the browser does not recognize the website’s security certificate or a network login is required. To solve it, you can reload the page, login to the portal, clear the cache, among other actions. Ivan de Souza Feb 25, 20 | 5 min read error the connection is not private If you have found the error “the connection is not private” on your website , do not despair, because the correction is very easy. This is a security measure and it means that your browser (Google Chrome or Firefox above version 52) has blocked access to an untrusted website. The message also appears when the page does not have a valid security certificate ( SSL ), or when a network login is required, among other situations. If you own a blog , you should also be aware of the recurrence of the message among WordPress errors , since navigability and usability are essential to increase traffic and ensure a better user experience .

In the end, many give up access when they encounter some kind of difficulty. But how to fix the connection is not private error? Simple actions can eliminate this message, ensure continuity of navigation and reduce Japan WhatsApp Number List the occurrence of these factors that influence the increase in the bounce rate of a page. In this article you will find the topics: What does the message “connection is not private” mean? What are the message variations for the same error? How to solve the error: “connection is not private” Keep reading! What does the message “connection is not private” mean? As we said, this is a privacy bug and the message is just a browser protection measure. It can occur when the website’s security certificate, which has the function of guaranteeing permitted and encrypted access, is invalid or is incompatible with the navigation settings, that is, the address possibly does not have an https . Another purpose of the security certificate, also known as SSL, is to prevent redirection of that address to a malicious website. Some high-security sites, such as government sites, also require a web login to allow access to content.

For this reason, the message “the connection is not private” appears when the connection is established through public Wi-Fi or through devices with configurations incompatible with what was determined as safe for the website, even if it is in WordPress . This happens because public networks only work with the http protocol, that is, the information that is transmitted is not encrypted, so they are exposed and vulnerable. This requires the protection of the browser and, even, the antivirus can also exercise this more careful function. Also, operating systems with outdated date and time are insecure and can cause the same message. These contents may also interest you: CDN: discover the advantages of a content distribution network on your website Complete guide to WordPress, the most used CMS in the world Learn how to protect your website from a DDOS attack What are the variations of the message for the same error? Despite that, the resolution is the same and now you will find out how to fix the error. How to solve the error: “connection is not private” As we said, the error that your connection is not private can be due to different factors. Then it should be fixed after a few tries.

See below the most appropriate option for your case. 1. Load the page That’s a quick action people often forget to take before moving on to the next attempts: press the F5 key on the keyboard or close and reopen the browser and see if the problem is resolved. 2. Login to the portal The error message may occur due to the request to login on the network to which you are connected. This basically happens when you are away from home or work and trying to access Wi-Fi in a shopping mall or an airport, for example. To solve this, go to any website that begins with http, without the ‘s’. Soon a page will appear where you will be asked for some of your personal information to continue browsing. 3. Clear history, cache and cookies The history, cache and cookies may be full and give the message “connection is not private”. In this case, just delete them in the browser ; In Google Chrome, for example, that can be done by pressing the CTRL + H shortcut. By activating this command, you delete your browsing data (browsing history and cookies and other site data) from “all period”. 4. Open the page in anonymous mode This navigation mode receives different names depending on the browser: anonymous browsing – Google Chrome; private window – Mozilla Firefox; hidden browsing – Internet Explorer. In anonymous mode, you will not need to erase your browser’s history data, as no page will be logged.

If the problem is resolved, it means that you will need to clear your cache and cookies to avoid the error again. 5. Check the system date and time This detail always goes unnoticed and can inhibit user access to various pages, once the browser uses this information to check the validity of the site’s security certificate . 6. Temporarily disable antivirus Antivirus is one of the “security guards” that acts against connections that could leave your system vulnerable. So temporarily disable it and see if the problem is resolved. If the answer is positive, it means that your antivirus provides “HTTPS protection” or “HTTPS verification”, preventing the browser from accessing the page. Don’t forget to activate it again when you’re done browsing! 7. Update the operating system Updating the operating system as an option to resolve the “connection is not private” error may be the last solution before seeking professional help if none of the above options work. If you are the owner or administrator of a website, you know that it is extremely important to maintain the good navigability of your website. Many users give up access even before they know the content and this directly interferes with the ranking that places your brand at the top of search engine results pages .

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