Screenshot showing a spreadsheet of exported customer data Choosing your import method is a decision best left up to the Shopify expert who helps you make the move. This is definitely one you want to get right on the first try. REPORTS AND ANALYTICS Nope. Sorry. There isn’t Comoros Email List much of a way to bring this in. You can connect Google Analytics and other providers to your new Comoros Email List store, but if you have Magento-based reporting, there just isn’t a way to bring that in and display it in your Shopify reporting dashboard. FIND SOMEONE TO HELP YOU If it feels like we are skipping over the how-to portion of migrating data…

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It’s because we are. Migrating data is insanely technical and difficult to do if you have more than 50 products, or if you have a customer database more than a couple of hundred customers. There are a thousand different possible roadblocks and headaches that could corrupt your data and Comoros Email List hurt you. I am not going to try to tell you how to migrate data yourself, because I don’t believe you should. If I were Comoros Email List moving a store, I would absolutely seek expert help before beginning. That could be a single full-service agency like ours, or it could be several single-area specialists to tackle issues one-by-one.

Comoros Email List

If you are in the market for help with your store, the Shopify Experts Directory is a good place to start.[*] I am going to be honest here. I work with Underwaterpistol because they do an incredible job in bringing stores from any platform into the Shopify ecosystem. I recommend them Comoros Email List here because they specialize in complex migrations.[*] There are other great Shopify partners out there; the full list is on Comoros Email List the Shopify site. ACTION POINTS: Decide what content is worth moving and what is just dead weight. Have the beginnings of your on-page content ready to post before the design phase, if possible.

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