This also applies online and within Panama Phone Number organizations. Increase in communities Since we work more remotely from each other, we see that the use of both (internal) chat apps and internal online groups or communities has increased. And that the added value of online communities has only Panama Phone Number expanded. This is not surprising, of course, because if the shared workplace disappears, how do you still conduct the strategic dialogue?

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Where do colleagues find each other on Panama Phone Number overarching themes such as vitality and safety? And how do employees feel connected to the organization when they cannot physically experience it? Right. Through active online internal communities. There is therefore a growing need from employees Panama Phone Number for online contact. But despite that, we are surprisingly seeing that internal community management is less and less often formalized. Recent research shows that this is a problem.

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This shows that in the absence of community Panama Phone Number management, there is 94% less activity and involvement in communities. While we know that this activity is indispensable. In order to achieve alignment and connection with the help of online objectives. The value of connection Precisely with the aim of aligning and realizing connections, we have seen an increase in the number of clients that we can help with the (further) development of internal platforms in the past two years.

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