ACL DirectPromo · We know about Relationship Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences Monographic course on Internet Law at CEF.- Center for Financial Studies Know the legal responsibilities that exist in the digital environment to protect your company From being one of those stories of failures of the network when they appeared with the internet, podcasts have become one of the big successes thanks to a revival in recent years. USA Email List The improvement in connection speed, along with technical improvements, have led to podcasts being more and more present among the contents that are consumed on a regular basis. Now, you could almost say that ‘everyone’ has a podcast and that everyone, without quotes, listens to them. Although there were those who feared that the changes in habits that the coronavirus pandemic has generated would affect the data of listening to podcasts, the reality has not been exactly that.

Listeners have lost those moments they used to access content, such as trips to the workplace, but they have reconverted others. In fact, industry figures indicate that podcast times have changed, but not that podcasts have stopped being listened to. And if listeners are there, advertisers will want to be too. Advertising in sound environments also achieves a positive reception, as different studies have shown, since it has a degree of intimacy that television and other media advertising cannot match. To this we must add that advertising in podcasts is not usually skipped, as it is done with other content formats, because it is usually integrated, in a way that is almost organic, with the content. This is why podcast advertising is viewed in a very positive light and is sold as especially attractive to advertisers. But despite this, podcast advertising is not perfect, something brands are beginning to realize. As a study by Advertiser Perceptions has just shown , podcast advertising has a light side and a shadow side, one that shows the highly positive parts and one that is not so bright.

The advantages Thus, advertisers are allocating more advertising budget to the podcast environment. According to the study’s findings, 56% of advertisers acknowledge that the pandemic has made podcast advertising more important. Advertisers value this format for certain values. 68% say they value what it contributes in terms of brand safety and 72% what it means in terms of segmentation. In other words, advertisers reward podcasts because they have potential in audience segmentation and because they are safe environments to expose the brand. In addition, 73% of those surveyed consider that podcasts improve consumers’ favor with brands and 66% that they do so with brand recognition and memory. Problems However, despite these advantages, they also believe that podcasts have a part that should be improved.

It is the one of the shadows and touches points where marketers are very sensitive. Respondents feel that podcasts are failing in terms of metrics: they are not doing well when it comes to measuring campaigns and providing performance data. Thus, most recognize that the metrics used right now are not satisfactory, which they believe will also worsen in the post-cookie world. 60% of respondents would like better third party verification of the data. Of course, given that the podcast world has entered the last great players, and also great in advertising terms, it seems almost inevitable that these problems will end up being corrected. Advertising giants thrive on the promise of fine-tuned data.

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