ACL Direct Promo · We Know Relational Marketing ,We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences ACL Direct Promo · We Know Relational Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives ·  Bolivia Email Lists We like to create unique experiences, The Association Formats Commission has updated the previous documents and has adopted the latest IAB USA standards in order to facilitate understanding between ad servers and media. The Formats Commission of IAB Spain, the Association that represents the digital advertising sector in Spain, has proceeded to update the Video Standards document as well as the adoption of the Standard for the delivery of digital video advertising (VAST, en its acronym in English) and the Video Player-Ad Interface (VPAID).

The new Video Formats document of the Interactive Advertising Format Standards focuses its main changes on the following aspects: Maximum duration of spots between 10 and 20 seconds. Recommendations for the number of pre-roll and post-roll advertising videos based on the duration of the video content. Closing cross: The closing cross must include the text “Go to content”, and must appear 10 seconds after the start of the advertising video. In addition to updating the video advertising standards, the IAB Spain Formats Commission has decided to adopt the VAST and VPAID standards of IAB USA in order to facilitate understanding for video advertising between the different servers of the parties involved. in the process: supports, agencies, networks, etc .

The Standard for the delivery of digital video advertising (Video Ad Serving Template; VAST) contains a series of technical recommendations to standardize practices within the digital video advertising business. For its part, the Video Player-Ad Interface (Video Player-Ad Interface Defiition; VPAID) aims to solve interoperability problems between the video players on the media and the different existing ad servers. The companies participating in updating the video advertising standards have been: Atres Advertising, Eyewonder, Google, Kewego, Media Mind, Publimedia, Publipress, Smartclip, Telefónica, Vivaki and Weborama.
20 practical applications to use video as a marketing and communication tool
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In current marketing campaigns, video is becoming more and more important every day, and it should be because it is an excellent measure of promotion, sale and presentation of activities, or at least, different and with a touch of innovation and a great multimedia component .

There are multiple uses and applications to take advantage of the potential and characteristics of video as a marketing and communication tool. Next, we show you 20 practical applications of online video that you should consider.

1- Company Profile : a video that explains the company profile, solutions, marketing, etc., is a great introduction.

2- Staff Profiles : everyone in the company has a story to tell, both professional and personal. Look for those people who have a great personality to face a video and let them express themselves.

3- Tour of the company and its cultural aspect : show the interior of your workplace. This will be fun and exciting for users.

4- A video with the creative performance of the staff . This is a great way to showcase and promote your business.

5- Have a virtual spokesperson : but at the same time it must be real. Don’t forget that. A good option is to make a person in 3D, but never use, as some marketing agencies do, an automated reading device.

6- Community outreach : what cause is your agency involved in? Include a video where you show that social and altruistic side of the company. Proving that not everything is about money will put the brand in a better position.

7- Case studies: make videos about the people who participate in some projects of your company. This is a great added value for potential clients.

8- Testimonials : like the previous one, they work as a very good showcase.

9- Customer Service : having a series of basic questions answered on video helps customers, in addition to showing that the company is really willing to go beyond a simple answer. The company will gain confidence.

10- Training : if you offer a solution to your clients, a series of explanatory videos on how a certain tool is used will make you gain even more credibility.

11- Suggestions : very important to share experiences and improve

12- Interviews : marketing agencies can prepare them quickly, creating videos with influencers in a certain field that will be of interest to their clients.

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