How to register for the marketers congress? Why can’t you miss marketers21? Macedonia Phone Number The marketers congress invites you to focus on adding value in its 2021 edition. The marketers congress focuses on the concept ‘ value that transforms’ . It invites us to focus on how to add value. And transform what we do to enhance who we are. The challenge is to design our desired future based on analyzing what . I contribute, how it impacts, and responsibly building the legacy i want to leave.

Above all, what will you find in marketers21? In addition, marketers is divided into four thematic axes: management. Marketing, communication and digital transformation. Every thursday in may will be dedicated to one .Macedonia Phone Number Of them and will feature four conferences and a practical instance, and the last thursday . In conclusion, close with an inspirational talk.For instance, ou can enjoy 16 conferences, 2 workshops, 1 panel and 1 inspirational talk.

Marketers Congress Macedonia Phone Number

Conferences the marketers congress  Macedonia phone number will feature the presence of 24 prominent international speakers from argentina , brazil, chile, colombia, spain, the united states. England, paraguay, and uruguay. Among them, the following stand out: raúl amigo, an international reference in experience design . Therefore, gómez, head of agencies for lcs colombia & central google region; carlos bayala. One of the most prestigious international publicists; nora tela, dedicated to accompanying . Companies in the construction and expansion of their brands; juan ferrer, specialized in change .

Macedonia Phone Number

Management and intelligence and collective leadership; marcela reynolds . Creator and ceo Macedonia Phone Number of b curious, an ethnographic observation company. The workshops in addition, every thursday. Above all, instances will be given to be able to interact with the speakers and other attendees. In addition, ‘creating value in value chains’, moderated by pedro tarak, co-founder of sistema . Moreover, former president of sistema b internacional. ‘Similarly, innovation’ workshop with paola aldaz.

Senior Executive In Macedonia Phone Number

Innovation, business development and transformation. Workshop ‘charisma to connect’ with sebastián lora, trainer in communication skills, speaker and youtuber. The inspirational talk marketers21 will close its 14th with an informational talk, by borja vilaseca, philosopher, entrepreneur and speaker . Macedonia Phone Number With 4 books and hundreds of articles and videos on his networks. Find out about the full program and get your ticket .

Congress marketers speakers how to register for the marketers congress? To register and reserve your place, you only have to access the event website: you will find different types of passes. So you can choose the type of content that interests you the most. Macedonia Phone Number In addition, until 05/25 you can benefit from a 50% discount with the code cooltabs50. Afterwards, you can continue enjoying 25%, with the code cooltabs25.

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