in their cart, and perhaps use some form of urgency, such as “limited quantities” or “act fast.” This email from Doggyloot is a great example of urgency and humor: Subject: There’s still time to fetch your deal from doggyloot Screenshot showing an email example of a pet shop After the initial email, Antarctica Email Lists you can send a limited-time discount to try to seal the deal. If they still don’t bite, send one final email stressing the urgency of Antarctica Email Lists the limited-time coupon code and mention the benefits of whatever they’re buying one last time. This email from Tenikle is a great example of combining a discount and urgency in one email (the {discount} will be filled in with a

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discount code in the actual email): Subject: Final Hours: 10% off your order Screenshot showing an email example of Tenikle It gets a 43% open rate and 9% click rate: Antarctica Email Lists Screenshot showing how to setup automatic email responder in Sumo You can automate this campaign using a Sumo form on your checkout page to collect emails, and the Automatic Email Responder to send the emails (like Antarctica Email Lists Tenikle did above). RE-ENGAGEMENT CAMPAIGN The last beginner strategy I’ll share is a re-engagement drip campaign. The goal here is to re-engage past customers who haven’t bought in a while (say, 90 days) or subscribers who haven’t clicked an

email recently. You’re trying to either get them to act on your emails OR get off your list so you’re not hurting your engagement rates and potentially increasing your risk of Antarctica Email Lists landing in the spam folder. Plus, reducing inactive subscribers often reduces email marketing software costs. The campaign might look like this: Drip 1: The “Come Back” Email (Ask if they still want to receive emails.) Drip 2: The “Missing Antarctica Email ListsOut” Email (Use FOMO by telling them what they’re missing out on by not opening your emails.) Drip 3: The “Final Call” Email (Tell them if they don’t respond you’ll remove them from your list and they’ll miss out on something

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