The importance of email marketing for all companies is undeniable and much more in these times, where the appropriate message through the correct channel can make the difference between achieving a conversion or not. Ivan de Souza Feb 24, 20 | 6 min read As time passes and the results obtained through email marketing are visualized , many organizations make the important decision to implement it in their Marketing strategies. But not everything is rosy, it is necessary to take the correct actions so that the email marketing campaign you want to implement gives the desired results, so it will depend on the efforts you make to make the strategy a success.

Many would think that this direct marketing technique would be a thing of the past due to the new social platforms that have emerged, but the opposite has happened. Companies have found in email marketing a direct communication channel that allows them to reach users at the different stages of their purchasing cycles with content aimed at each of these audiences and optimized for each device that they can use. Why is email marketing so Jordan WhatsApp Number List important today and why is it due to its rise? One of the main characteristics of email marketing that has made its importance even higher, is the possibility of creating a direct communication channel with customers, where it is possible to inform about the products or services of the companies but from a more personal way. So this is one of the attributes that currently gives email marketing this importance: being able to personalize the offers sent. Clearly this is not the only feature that shows its effectiveness, today thousands of people check their email many times a day, so the opportunities to reach them through emails is quite high and much more if they receive a personalized mail. There are many tools today that allow the automation of this work and greatly facilitate the lives of people or companies that do not have enough knowledge to run a mass mailing campaign.

These tools are also used by Online Marketing strategists , as they allow them to streamline all processes and deliver results more quickly. How to implement email marketing in your company and not fail along the way? Sending mass emails is a strategy that can be totally effective, as long as you carry out the entire procedure properly from the beginning. This includes having your target segmented, since if not, you will go aimlessly. So as the first requirement for your email marketing strategy to be successful, it is to know who you are targeting. In addition to this, there are certain things that you must do in order for this strategy to work 100%. One of them is to create quality content for your readers, this point is essential. You should also take advantage of this way to create offers that are interesting for your mailing lists. If what you offer is very attractive, it is almost impossible for the reader to resist opening a link or to achieve an instant or future conversion . Remember that offers and gifts can encourage loyalty, as long as they are not misleading offers. Another important factor to take into account is that if you want your email marketing strategy to work, you should not apply techniques that can be penalized, such as buying email lists. This, in addition to being unethical, will make you waste time with your campaign, because possibly among those emails are not your potential customers. So, what better way to apply strategies like Inbound Marketing and have your clients come to you and fill out a form? In what type of companies can an email marketing strategy be implemented?

We have mentioned previously that with email marketing your company can reach all your customers much more effectively, but now it is important to know how to make a strategy that works for different types of companies. E-mail Marketing for SMEs For example, for SMEs a great strategy that will result in incredible growth is e-mail marketing. By correctly applying this strategy, it will be possible to attract the attention of customers through email. It is vital that when a venture begins, it works on its visibility and with mailing this can be achieved. Of course, they should not saturate the list of contacts they have, as the consequences would be to go to the spam folder. Email marketing for large companies When you already have an established client portfolio and they are loyal , it is important to continue strengthening this bond that has been achieved with the client. For this, e-mail marketing works perfectly. It is also important that when a client decides to subscribe to the newsletter, for example, they are sent an email thanking them for being part of this list. By making them part of your community, customers will increasingly identify with the brand and this is undoubtedly a great achievement.

E-mail marketing for e-commerce If you want to achieve exponential growth in the sales of your e-commerce , you should not neglect e-mail marketing. With this strategy you will be able to create persuasive messages that you will send to your customers so that they will find out about everything new that you have in your store, as well as any discounts or promotions that occur to you. How to start an email marketing strategy? You can start sending the emails you need using the database that your company has. You must bear in mind that all these customers have different interests and not all have consumed all your products or services , so it is necessary that you analyze what type of message you can send to each of them based on the purchase cycle or the relationship that own with your company. For example, you can create multiple contact lists to send content via email. Each of these lists should be made up of people who have: arrived at your facilities; asked about your services and they have left their contact; bought your products or services and are frequent customers; and finally, people who used your services but who have stopped for unknown reasons. It should be emphasized that the above is an example, all companies can create lists with different types of customers. This is totally specific to each of the companies, so you must analyze your situation and make your lists independently. Another way to start sending mass emails if you do not have a database, is to capture records through your website and landing pages .

This is the form commonly used, especially by companies that are just starting out in the market. If you do not have a website and you do not know much about this topic, you can go to professionals in this area who can give you advice and guide you in the execution of efficient Marketing strategies. An important factor that you should not miss is that nowadays most people use their phone to read and send emails, therefore, you must make sure that your email marketing campaign is responsive , so that they can read you from the computer. and mobile devices. conclusion By applying the correct practices you can have a successful email marketing strategy, but it is always necessary to review what your objectives are, that is, be very clear about what you want to achieve with your plan. Also, remember that all the goals you set must be measurable, specific, achievable and relevant. Now that you know how to carry out an Email Marketing strategy, do not hesitate to apply it in your company, we are sure that you will exponentially increase the recognition of your company and the conversions that you long for.

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