Their seemingly innocent mistakes Guinea B2B List turned into PR nightmares. The only way to prevent such mistakes and avoid similar social media scandals is to implement strict guidelines and spend a lot of time and effort on employee Guinea B2B List training. Everyone who has access to, and can manage and edit your company’s social media profile must be aware of the dos and don’ts of social media use. Determine the type of company information Guinea B2B List that can be shared on social media. Make sure those who correspond directly to your followers have the necessary skills and knowledge to address their concerns.

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Teach your employees about your brand Guinea B2B List voice and persona so you have a unified presence on social. Make it clear on your profile whether your employees can associate themselves with your brand. Likewise, the more detailed Guinea B2B List your guidelines and training are, the easier it will be to minimize the risk of PR scandals and, if they arise, manage them. 4. Battle with zombie army Social media bots can be of great value to those running a growing business. Like web crawlers and spiders, some bots can help you collect data related to Guinea B2B List developing a sustainable business strategy. Other bots can help you stay on top of your inbox – chatbots can provide real-time feedback to your followers, answer frequently asked questions, and provide valuable information without human intervention.

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However, many social media bots can Guinea B2B List also lead to massive PR problems . These “bad bots” are estimated to account for more than 24.1% of all internet traffic . Their purpose is varied – spreading misinformation, spamming, triggering Guinea B2B List negative responses, causing uproar in the community, and more. Human vs. bot traffic in 2019 To deal with these bots, you first need to learn how to recognize them. There are usually obvious signs such as: Generic profile photo (landscapes, animals, celebrities, etc.) Incomplete profile information Recently created account, following thousands of people without many followers Unusually active Guinea B2B List activity on the account (bots can be active 24/7, posting every hour of the day) .

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