And what is also useful to know you can start USA Email List a sentence with and or with another. Conjunction, such as maar or so Don’t worry about people who think it’s illegal. A very nice colleague? People you work with ? An assignment that Sweden Email List you have completed or have completed ? In addition to all the schoolmaster rules above, there are still dozens of linguistic stumbling blocks about which people think differently. How do you think about this? Creative online writing: create content worth sharing What makes the difference between Sweden Email List a nice piece and a great blog article? In the Creative online writing training you learn, among other things, what the importance of audience first is, how to convince with your story and what the use of deletion is.

Joining Forces With Screenonline

You will also receive a practical approach USA Email List to writing strong online content and you will go . Home with a good dose of inspiration Knowing more? It’s really just unfair The Dutch receive English lessons at . School early on, watch English USA Email List films and series every day and are therefore among the absolute top in Europe when it comes to mastering English as a second language . And then sometimes things still go wrong in business English. Not even because you are really going wrong (as I wrote in my previous article ), there are also Sweden Email List more subtle things by which you can recognize that a business English text has been written by a Dutchman.

That Makes It Possible

These are phrases and constructions that USA Email List are technically not wrong, but that are unusual. A spell check won’t recognize them either, but it’s still good to avoid them. Not possible = actually impossible The sentence ‘ This is not Sweden Email List possible’ is grammatically correct, you can’t get a pin in between. In practice, however, this construction is hardly used. I can’t remember using the words ‘is not possible’ in that order anywhere in the past year. This despite the fact that I write a lot of texts, both for work and private. Better alternatives, which are also used by native English speakers , are for example: ” you can’t do that ” ‘ it’s impossible ‘ or even ‘ one Sweden Email List can’t do this ‘ T from primary school that you never start a sentence with a conjunction.

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