A video on your LinkedIn timeline is ideally a Costa Rica Phone Number suited to draw attention to the in-depth content you wish to convey in a blog, article or whatever. LinkedIn video from Apple. A LinkedIn video from Apple. LinkedIn Stories Since May 2020 it is also possible to post stories on LinkedIn, similar to Instagram Costa Rica Phone Number Stories and Facebook Stories. So lean forward. Basically, the same rules apply here, namely full screen in 9:16 and your key message within 5 seconds.

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Think of creating an account, where you will also be automatically registered for the newsletter. Interface interference. Think of ‘hiding’ information behind a read more link or manipulating via colors and buttons. Forced action. Where you as a user are forced to perform an action, to gain access to other functionalities. Dark pattern strategies from Purdue University research. Image source: The Dark (Patterns) Side of UX Design Let’s go through a few examples.

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Also, keep in mind the short attention span Costa Rica Phone Number and make sure your message is clear in the first 5 seconds of the video. Snapchat is a mobile-only platform and therefore requires screen-filling video material Costa Rica Phone Number in 9:16 format. TikTok is gaining ground in the Netherlands and now has 1.7 million, mainly young, users. In addition to Snapchat, TikTok is the ideal channel to get in touch with young people. Mainly funny, short videos are share.

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