Play smart with what you have to offer as a brand Latvia Phone Number in this area. Experiment with the most effective marketing: authenticity is key to building your brand credibly and from your own strength. Test all assumptions and let strategic choices mainly determine the way in which the target Latvia Phone Number group responds to your marketing activities.

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Measure to what extent your brand Latvia Phone Number is top of mind Take to the streets every month to find out which brands are top of mind in your industry. How old-fashioned, isn’t it? You can use market research surveys, but you can learn more with insights from data. You also want to measure to what extent your brand is top of mind.

Formulating a ‘dot on the horizon’ helps to maintain focus. Define what you want to have achieved as a brand in 3-5 years. The ultimate goal you fight for. For example as a new shoe brand: “Brand X is a household name in Latvia Phone Number the Netherlands among young people in the field of high-quality vegan leather sneakers.” It is wise to indicate the ‘dot’ in various KPIs.

Much Remains With The Old

In order to increase measurability from Latvia Phone Number various angles. Tools like Google Analytics, social media monitoring, and SEO insights provide many valuable metrics. To measure to what extent this brand is on its way to claim that top-of-mind position with your ideal customer. For example with the Latvia Phone Number following KPIs: The percentage of branded search traffic on the website of brand X is at least X% 12 months after the launch.

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