The tourism sector is one of the most affected by the coronavirus. Bookings in airlines and hotels have fallen more than 90% in the world, something that tourism marketers have had to face a crisis that has caused a serious disruption in the tourism industry. In this post we tell you how to turn the crisis into an opportunity, Azerbaijan Phone Number List where technology and sustainability are key to recovery. Find out more about tourism and coronavirus . You may also be interested in: Postgraduate in Tourism Marketing and Management 4.0 INDEX OF CONTENTS How has the coronavirus affected tourism? Keys for professionals Until the arrival of the coronavirus, in tourism, tourism marketers used their annual procedures, their budgets, and the behavior of travelers continued to be normal. Now everything has changed: professionals must use their resources understanding the impact of covid on travel both in the present and in the future. ¿ How it has changed the attitude of the traveler ? When will they look for travel opportunities again? Where will they want to go? And most of all, how can marketers prepare for the resumption of travel? The key to answering these questions lies in the data. This makes it possible to repair an eventual increase in consumer demand when traveling. This will allow the planning of campaigns to attract travelers ensuring their safety and offering them experiences that are linked to their wishes and interests.

E-BOOK Keys to Tourism Marketing Download How tourism marketing professionals should act in times of coronavirus With the best data and knowledge available, marketers should begin to coordinate their efforts with the following actions: Develop products and services Guide the deployment of new products and services that respond to concerns about covid and post-pandemic recovery. This is an ideal opportunity to rethink your products and services. In normal situations, you could survey your customers to find out their opinions and build profiles based on their tastes. However, in times of coronavirus where customers have declined, a different approach will need to be developed by taking the following steps:Reduce the number of providers. Work more closely with a smaller number that you can negotiate better payment or trade terms with in the future. Build your products based on trends. With the growing demand for community engagement and sustainable tourism, you have to do more than say you do. Adopt measures and regulations, which will be essential to attract travelers. Work with both public and private partners To ensure an adequate range of safe and attractive options, including new ‘wellness’ travel products.

Doing this right will require careful analysis of the entire travel experience, from start to finish. Inform stakeholders Including governments, health officials, and tourism industry providers, with unified communication messages and collaboration on health and travel rule-setting. It is also important to encourage stakeholders to communicate marketing messages, expand communication, learn about government decisions on barriers to travel. POSTGRADUATE IN TOURISM MARKETING AND MANAGEMENT 4.0 Survive change with this Postgraduate I want to sign up! Reallocate marketing spend by channel Redirect campaign messages and timing, and inspire potential customers. If you look at Google Trends and other data-driven social media options, you will find that there are holiday searches in most sectors of the markets . People are looking for inspiration. This is why many companies have focused on their websites and social media pages and posted inspiring photos and messages. For the immediate future, this is something that all SMEs should do . Good examples are nekatours, Ntanda Safaris Zambia, and Flores Exotic Tours. Not include prices The idea is to attract people to your page and capture their attention, so that they begin to comment on the photos or articles you have published, causing a possible query. But be careful. When business is low, mistakes are made so make sure you communicate well.

As in product development, you need to understand what the customer is looking for and encourage them to go with you on a journey. Create a marketing plan Plan your marketing by developing a short and medium term plan. This could mean budgeting for a paid social media plan. So the plan should, at a minimum, include the actions mentioned above and an email campaign or newsletter for your existing direct and business customers. Communicate what is happening even during confinement in a given country. If you have an Export Marketing Plan , focus on the parts you planned to do before the pandemic. What can you do now? Reduce the number of providers In times of reduced demand, it is important to reduce the number of providers you have. Work more closely with a smaller number that you can negotiate better payment or trade terms with in the future.

The more fixed assets a level of the travel chain has, such as vehicles, accommodation, overseas sales offices, the more they will suffer. For example, hoteliers will be desperate to fill rooms and will offer lower rates or higher commissions. Make sure your business benefits and that part of this is also the terms and conditions for cancellation. Use technology Online video conferences, seminars and webinars will increase after the quarantine. People have used these methods to keep in touch with each other and when working from home. Still, face-to-face meetings and conferences along with trade shows and congresses will survive. We are human, and we like human interaction. Especially in the tourism business, but this won’t really start again until 2021. There may be events starting in September, but they’re not guaranteed yet. In the meantime, try to have calls or videoconferences with your clients abroad. Some virtual tours have also been developed such as “virtual safaris” or city tours. Whether this is an option for you depends on your recording, editing, and production facilities, such as Google Tour Creator. You can also use any virtual tour that your national tourism organization is using to promote your destination.

If you can post them on your website or on social media and add a sub-brand, then this will also be a good promotional tool to inspire people. Opt for sustainable tourism The sustainable tourism and care of the environment will record volume growth. In this age where tourism and coronavirus are two incompatible concepts, the traveler understands its importance after suffering its effects. Time to see how you do things, such as internships, vehicles, offices, and accommodation. How to prepare for the future of post-coronavirus tourism After evaluating the immediate actions and your plans in the short, medium and long term, make a checklist to make sure that you have done everything, your website and the content of your social media can be your source of inspiration as well as planning for future marketing. One thing that the coronavirus has done in tourism is leveling the industry. So SMEs can now show their true value and build themselves in the future, small businesses can be flexible and move quickly if they see opportunities.

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