BuzzSumo uses a compelling question to kick things off. They follow this with a list of bullet points that give their subscribers a sneak peek into the article. This is another Denmark Email List easy to read example that lets your audience know what they can expect within a few seconds. And by placing the button right in the middle, they know where to go from here. EXAMPLE #15: NUTRITION SECRETS The last content email Denmark Email List on our list does this too but it takes a slightly different approach. Here, a small piece of Denmark Email List the introduction of the article is used as the body of the email. A call to action then guides subscribers to click the big pink button that spans the entire

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width of the email. By giving subscribers the exact intro from your article, you can pump out content emails that much faster since you won’t have to come up with two Denmark Email List introductions (one for the article and one for the email). You can even trim down how much of the introduction Denmark Email List you share. If you can find a nice break in the content that leaves your subscribers wanting more, cut your email there and add Denmark Email List your call to action button so they’ll be inclined to click on it. ROUND-UP EMAILS Whether your audience lacks the time or your team does, sometimes sending out a weekly email is just not feasible.

Denmark Email List

In this case, you’re better off sending a round-up email that includes a small handful of articles or podcast episodes in one email. This gives your busy subscribers a Denmark Email List chance to catch up and gives them the option to scan a few pieces of content at once before settling on one. Round-up style emails work well for those sending emails once per month or even every other week. But, because you’re Denmark Email List cramming in more than two articles, you need to make things visually appealing and neat. These next few examples do just that. EXAMPLE #16: HUBSPOT In this HubSpot one, the first sentence tells us that it’s a roundup email and then we see a series

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