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Learn to conceptualize a brand and define its creative and communication strategy .IMF Business School · Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication Online or in person · Double degree · Up to 70% scholarship · Job and internship exchange Twitter has no plans to incorporate advertising this year on the successful microblogging site, Hong Kong Email List Biz Stone, one of its founders, said Tuesday amid strong pressure for the successful internet platform to start making money after two years of operation.

Stone said Twitter was “pretty good right now” financially, emphasizing that the company’s immediate focus was on features ranging from better searches to paying business bills. “Any kind of approach to advertising will take a while … We’re not thinking about advertising yet,” Stone said at the “140: Twitter Conference” event in Los Angeles. Twitter, which is known for its blogs with posts of up to 140 characters, has received many investments, but Stone did not want to disclose the amounts or values. Even in its infancy, the brand new company has quickly become a cultural phenomenon, but Twitter and other social media sites have yet to show investors how they will start to turn a profit.

To that end, Stone said Twitter aims to offer premium features for business account users this year. “We wanted to show people that we are here to stay and that we are making money here,” Stone said. The features, which may debut in a trial version, are provided for a fee and could include “lightweight analytics” tools that would allow business users to collect data from their fans, Stone said.

In order to clarify the guidelines of the Code of Conduct and avoid redundancies with the general terms and conditions, the revised version will make no further special mention of the areas that have been declared inadmissible by the general terms and conditions of the company. Together with all these concepts and guidelines of this new Code of Conduct for advertisers, greater information and increased results are achieved for all members of its global network.

According to José Luís Valdivielso, CEO of zanox in Spain, Portugal and Latin America, this new Code of Conduct “is a response to the demand of all the actors of the global zanox network (advertisers and affiliates), which will benefit all their practices within the affiliate marketing ”.Likewise, Valdivielso adds that “this new Code of Conduct for advertisers is one more example of the company’s philosophy of transparency, than through actions such as the zanox academy, which have been carried out since the company was founded – meetings between advertisers and affiliates to exchange opinions, doubts and information in a transparent way – it allows to guarantee and generate not only transparency but responsibility of all the actors of the global zanox network ”.

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