Do you know what GitHub is? It is a platform that greatly facilitates the development of a team technology project. Find out how this tool can help your business in this article! Ivan de Souza Mar 20, 20 | 7 min read what is git hub Teamwork is a highly valued skill in today’s job market. For software developers or platforms like WordPress , for example, Chile WhatsApp Number List the task is complicated when several people work on a project at the same time. Hence the importance of GitHub . In the end, there is the risk of losing information, either by human error or simply by overwriting a code. However, this is an issue that was resolved 15 years ago, when Git was created, which spawned GitHub. But what is GitHub and how does he fix that issue? If you want to better understand these terms, follow this article.

In it you will see: What is Git? What is Hub? What is GitHub? What is the importance of GitHub in a company? How to use GitHub? How to use GitHub in WordPress? Ready to start? Let’s go there! What is Git? Git is a software to generate projects where several developers can work at the same time . Developed in 2005 by Linus Torvalds precisely for the creation of the Linux Kernel, today it is used to design any website , software or code quickly and intelligently. But the resource that makes this tool so useful and practical is the tampering control system. That means that every time someone changes the code, a new version is generated for the project. Thus, there is no risk of losing any information. In Git, there is no problem with overwritten codes and the loss of information, since the versions are saved in the repository – directory where all the files of your project are stored. This repository can be stored on your computer or, if you use an online platform like GitHub, it can also be stored there. Although the biggest advantage of Git is teamwork on the same code, many programmers use it for individual projects due to the amount of resources it offers. Now that you know what Git is, let’s move on to the next step. What is Hub? Hub is a device used in the computer area that allows the connection of computers to a network to share information. The Hub, also known as a concentrator, was one of the first equipment used to exchange information between computers on a local network .

Well, now that you know what Git is and what Hub is, it will be much easier to understand what GitHub is. What is GitHub? GitHub is a social network for developers . The first part of the name, “Git”, is due to the use of the version control system and the second part, “Hub”, has to do with the connection between programming professionals anywhere in the world. Additionally, GitHub is one of the largest online collaborative work platforms in the world. Here users share their projects, and people from anywhere in the world can work on them in parallel. The predominant work on the platform is software in general, GitHub is still diversifying and also attracting other teams who want to take advantage of the version control system. What is the importance of GitHub in a company? GitHub is an excellent tool for teamwork. When it comes to software or a website that needs to be created together, for example, the online platform certainly makes project management easy. And this tool is also available for companies: it is known as GitHub Enterprise. There, you will find a smart way to manage the work of a team. Also, security gets very serious, which is critical when it comes to digital projects. However, what really stands out is the fact that the team can work at the same time, from different places, not only in the same city, but also in the world. Today, for any business, automation of workflows is essential and GitHub makes it possible.

The resources found in the platform help in the development of projects, facilitating the growth of the company as a whole. How to use GitHub? To use GitHub you need to create a personal account or a team account . There are free, for individual users and for teams that use open source. If you want some advantages, like having private repositories, you can buy any of the paid options. To create your account, go to the GitHub login page and fill in the requested information – name, email and password. In a few minutes, you will receive a confirmation email to start using the platform. The first step, after confirming your email, is to get to know the new environment. For that, you can use the Hello World Guide that will guide you on how to create your first repository, branch or open a pull request. You already know what a repository is, right? But still have no idea what a branch or a pull request is? Don’t worry, now we explain it to you. Branch Branch is a copy of a repository. You can use it to develop your project individually, without changing the original directory. So only after it is finalized will it be merged back with the original repository.

That feature is useful, for example, if you have more than one option to complete a project. You can test the options separately and include the final code only when you decide which alternative is the best. Pull request A Pull Request is when you inform other members of your team that you are going to add your branch to the original repository. Team collaborators may or may not accept the Pull Request. By opening this option, it is possible to discuss and argue your work with the co-creators of the project. How to use GitHub in WordPress? If you already use WordPress, you should know how good it is to have the platform plugins . If not, read that article in the link above and then come back to continue from this point. However, outside of WordPress , there are also many plugins that can be used on the platform. One of them is GitHub, which offers a variety of codes that are true gems for those who use WordPress.

There are two ways to access them: installing a plugin from the GitHub platform or using your own WordPress plugin to facilitate the task. Now, are we going to know step by step how to do each one? Install a plugin from the GitHub platform To install a plugin from the GitHub platform, you must first download it. Start by typing the name of the plugin you need. Suppose you want an exchange plugin, search in English and choose one of the alternatives. github wordpress After choosing, the image that will appear will be this, with the repository folders. To download it, simply click the green “Clone or download” button. github repository screen Once you have the file, you must upload it to the / wp-content / plugins directory, it can be by FTP or cPanel . And voila: your plugin will now be available for you to use! Install a plugin in WordPress itself Before using GitHub on your WordPress platform, you must first install another plugin that allows you to incorporate the repositories directly into the WP. A recommended plugin is Github Embed .

That plugin receives constant updates and works great. With it, you can embed GitHub directories by copying the URL. github plugin WP From here, simply install the plugin by following the WordPress instructions. WordPress is an excellent platform that allows the use of plugins to personalize a blog , without the need to be a programming expert . And even for the most experienced, it is a content management system with many resources that can boost a domain on the Internet. And, of course, WordPress resources multiply if we access the large collection of repositories on GitHub. It is possible to find various plugins capable of satisfying different needs. The material found on GitHub is quite extensive. Although most of the directories are code and software, the ease of the platform has attracted several users as well as developers. One group that is also growing is that of editors. It is possible to find on the platform teams that create articles together for different blogs, a different way of working that comes with digital transformation . WordPress and GitHub have more and more in common. Taking advantage of GitHub resources and the variety of open source you can use in a WordPress blog is an opportunity worth considering. If you don’t have a WordPress website or blog yet , what are you waiting for? You can create it right now with Rock Stage .

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