His frustration became his conviction, which Nepal Phone Number gave him the motivation to take action. 5. Failing Body, Super Brain One who had every reason to go through life frustrated was Stephen Hawking. A British physicist, cosmologist and mathematician found out he had ALS while studying at Oxford. A disease that Nepal Phone Number destroys the body, but leaves the mind intact. And that’s exactly what Hawking spent the rest of his life using to the fullest: his ability to think.

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He became one of the leading scientists of all Nepal Phone Number time. Hawking is best known for his work on black holes and singularities in cosmology. His book ‘A Brief History of Time’ (1988) was his absolute breakthrough in fame and became a worldwide bestseller. Written with a speech computer, because he could no Nepal Phone Number longer speak and write. The main legacy (he died in 2018), in addition to numerous scientific contributions, is how a person does not have to let anything stop him from going all the way.

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His frustration became a motivation to be Nepal Phone Number highly relevant despite everything. Stephen Hawking Art Stephen Hawking Artist: Señor Salme These were a few examples that show where frustration can lead. Frustration can ultimately make our lives easier, bring about change and even make Nepal Phone Number the world a better place. The important thing about these examples is that frustration does not remain a frustration, but is the first step in an important change, an innovation that can take us further.

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