Today, for a brand to be successful, it must value a strong user experience as its main value proposition. In essence, it consists of the set of attributes that determine how satisfactory your web browsing is, whether in the technical operation of the pages, El Salvador Phone Number List in their structural organization and in the value generated by the content that the user accesses. Juan Andrés Corrales Jun 28, 20 | 12 min read pillars of user experience Adopting this philosophy and taking the necessary actions to comply with it is the only way to achieve high satisfaction rates and the overall success of a business model. For that reason, in this content we will show you, in a concrete way, what the user experience is, what its pillars are, how to promote it and many more factors. Read to the end! What is the user experience? User experience encompasses all user interactions with a brand. Of course, in the wake of digital transformation , this experience is primarily geared towards web pages, mobile applications, tools, and other similar resources . Yes, today, high satisfaction rates no longer depend entirely on the quality of products or services.

For companies, this implies a greater effort to develop a coherent and attractive digital presence and to increasingly adapt their interaction flows to the characteristics and behavior of the user. So that you better understand what today’s brands should take into account to guarantee an optimal User Experience, in the next section we will talk about the pillars of this concept. What are the pillars of the user experience? The user experience is a deep and wide universe, consisting of different edges. Among the pillars that make it up are the following:Visual appeal This is one of the elementary points of UX Design . And the first impression is also important in the user experience, so it is necessary to captivate them with an attractive visual presentation. Regardless of whether it is an e-commerce , blog or any other site, it is important to have a pleasant, coherent and striking visual design that engages the visitor and promotes a high time spent on the page , surprising them with its aesthetic value.

Utility In addition to being visually appealing, the User Experience (UX) must be highly functional. For this reason, platforms such as mobile applications and websites must offer added value to users and customers, which help solve problems and satisfy needs . Among these added values ​​we find calculators, templates, technical manuals and even content and information of interest, with an educational focus. Accessibility Accessibility in, first of all, refers to the possibility of accessing a web page from different devices , and not just from a traditional computer or laptop. In addition, it demands that the design have the ability to adjust and optimize taking into account the characteristics and format of each device, as established by the good principles of responsibility. In this way, an optimal experience on the page is guaranteed at all times, regardless of whether the user accesses it from the computer, tablet or smartphone. This point is also closely related to the inclusion of users who have physical access restrictions to information, such as visually impaired, enabling resources such as screen readers.

Credibility For a portal or digital platform to contribute to conversion rates and user satisfaction, it has to project credibility yes or yes. To achieve this, it must be free of errors and, above all, meet the expectations it generates. It is important that the different functionalities and the added values ​​really fulfill the objectives that they promise and contribute in a palpable way with the solution of problems. Thus, the UX is marked by trust, which can then give way to purchases, subscriptions and, in general, lasting commercial relationships . Intuitiveness The user interface is only effective when it guarantees usability , scannability and intuitiveness. It is useless for a website or tool to have great functionalities and potential if the user does not understand how to use it and get the most out of them. As we will explain later, a highly intuitive interface is achieved, in large part, thanks to a good job of UX Writing .

Technical performance Having loading speed and good technical performance in general is especially important for web pages. And it is only in this way that they achieve conversion rate optimization (CRO) and a solid user experience. Even if a site is functional and visually attractive, the user will not feel comfortable if it fails technically and involves an interaction with multiple frictions and annoyances. It is important to mention that, in addition, a website with good technical performance is better valued by search engine algorithms, which is why this has a direct relationship with search engine optimization (SEO) . Closeness and complicity Users are more and more demanding, and they demand experiences that really motivate and captivate them . That is why within the pillars of the User Experience is the humanization of the pages and tools, making them closer and allowing brands to connect emotionally with the public. The result of these good practices when they are implemented is the increase in user engagement , stimulating them to become brand ambassadors for the satisfactory browsing experience.

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