Because you can automate this in a CDP, your Netherlands Phone Number is freed from a lot of time-consuming and error-prone manual work. Once you have linked a data source, the CDP ensures that data remains up-to-date. Real-time if possible, otherwise in nightly updates. Integrate and transform After collection, a CDP transforms your data and integrates Netherlands Phone Number records from different systems. This is an essential step because in a CDP you want to have data at the level of an individual customer.

Netherlands Phone Number

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You define rules for these transformations, after Netherlands Phone Number which the platform can perform these transformations automatically. Verify An important, sometimes forgotten step, is verifying data. A CDP is intend to serve as a basis for decisions. Sometimes those decisions involve a lot of money. So you want to work with the confidence that the Netherlands Phone Number data you see is correct. A CDP, therefore, needs possibilities to not only collect and transform data but also to check it against predefined criteria.

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Keeping up to date If you have a data platform Netherlands Phone Number with up-to-date, verified data on all your customers, you’ve come a long way, but you’re not quite done yet. A data platform that works today is not necessarily a data platform that Netherlands Phone Number will also work tomorrow. Within companies, there are always changes that affect the data. For example, acquisitions and mergers involve IT integrations and migrations, where the same data is stored in different forms.


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