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We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences Master in Strategy and Creative Brand Management – UPF-BSM Learn to conceptualize a brand and define its creative and communication strategy.   Ghana Email List Multiplica and On i On publish the first study on how video marketing will revolutionize the way of selling on the Internet.

The study examines the communicative strength of this online marketing tool and what are the best practices when developing it

One of the key strategies when positioning a company on the Internet is to appear in the top positions of Google. However, in recent times a strategy that is gaining more and more importance, due to the fact that it is a territory with great potential, is video marketing. Its emergence has transformed the Internet into an audiovisual environment where the possibilities are endless. A good presence on YouTube has become key when it comes to positioning a company. In fact, in October 2008 YouTube was already overtaking Yahoo! in the number of searches in the US, ranking as the second most important content search engine on the Internet after Google. The success achieved by YouTube is being extrapolated to the web, due to the communicative force that videos have on the Internet. The web of the future will be clearly audiovisual.

With the aim of analyzing how this revolution will be that we will live in the coming years in the network in which video marketing will take the leading role when conceiving a website, Multiplica, a consultancy specialized in digital marketing and user experience – together with On i On, a production company specializing in the production of videos for the web – the study Video Sells has just published: persuasiveness in the face of the emergence of video marketing on the Internet. On the other hand, the analysis details which are the most effective formulas when integrating a video into an online presence, which are the key elements to produce a persuasive video on the Internet and detects the latest trends in video marketing.

This new discipline is gaining incredible strength in the Anglo-Saxon markets. And Spain and Latin America will soon follow the trend set by the most advanced countries in the use of the Internet.

Forget television language

Among the first conclusions that we find in this paper is that to create an online video – hosted on our own website or on You Tube – we must completely forget about the language of television. An online video cannot be conceived in the same way as a television spot. The Internet user has nothing to do with the viewer. The Internet user is an active being, not a passive one, who wants answers to his concerns and who seeks communication and fun instantly. It is necessary to “connect online” with him, and do it quickly, since in a thousandth of a second, he looks the other way. Through video you have to create the need and desire to take the user to action, that is, to complete what the site suggests. And, although video marketing does not need the budgets of a television action,

But do I need a video marketing? And if I need it, what kind?

In the study Multiplica has detected what would be the premises to know whether or not a video marketing is needed. Although video marketing is an effective formula, it is not always needed, so a video without a why can be counterproductive. In general, a video should be integrated into an online presence whenever it is necessary to tell stories that may interest site users, to explain the advantages of the product with respect to the competition, to contextualize the product in its use in the ‘ real life ‘, to humanize the online sales process or to improve our search engine positioning. The use of video will always bring high levels of credibility and will have a greater impact on the mind of the user.


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