few days ago at IEBS we celebrated the opening ceremony for the twenty-third class of the school. More than a thousand people of 30 different nationalities who have trusted IEBS to start their path of improving professional development. You may also be interested: IEBS training offer We start the 23rd Call for Classes at IEBS Reserve your place now! – ActInaugural21OCT 3 1024x580The event began with the intervention of Oscar Fuente, Iran Phone Number List  Director and Founder of IEBS, who conveyed to all attendees our purpose of transforming their lives with the aim that they transform the world: “We are going to prepare and train you to tackle a new digital era where the speed of change is the common characteristic ” .

We are going to prepare and train you to tackle a new digital era where the speed of change is the common characteristic . OSCAR FUENTE, DIRECTOR AND FOUNDER OF IEBS BUSINESS SCHOOL The session continued with Jose Lozano Galera, Director of the Social Media program and Co-director of the Human Resources Management program with more than 20 editions each. Jose transmitted several key ideas to all the students based on his great experience, the first of which was unlearning. That is, the need to adopt a different attitude for a new way of learning. Unlearn how you have learned so far because at IEBS you will develop new ways of learningJOSE LOZANO, PROGRAM DIRECTOR AT IEBS BUSINESS SCHOOL The second idea that he transferred was to specify the objectives. That is, define a training purpose because that purpose is the one that will finally give meaning to the effort of each and every one of the students. Finally, Jose told all the students that they all have an unrepeatable talent, that each one of them knows how to do something particularly well, you just have to discover it, and for that IEBS will put all its effort. We start the 23rd Call for Classes at IEBS Reserve your place now! – ActInaugural21OCT 1 1024x580Subsequently, two former students from previous calls participated in the event, such as Alma María Abad, Commercial Director of Transactional Banking who took the Executive MBA Online , and Andrea Hanze, an expert in graphic design who did the Postgraduate in Digital Communication and Community Management .

According to Alma, she learned a new way of working and a great network both with other colleagues and teachers and, for her part, Andrea highlighted self-learning and efficient time management as skills acquired during her training and that she considers useful transversal for her day a day. We start the 23rd Call for Classes at IEBS Reserve your place now! – ActInaugural21OCT 4 1024x580Finally, Pascual Parada, Academic Director of IEBS , intervened to close the event with the presentation “The enigma of the five islands”, a story that invites us to reflect on the most important soft skills in personal and professional development through story about a prisoner who has to find a set of numerical keys to escape from five islands, each corresponding to five soft skills.

Creativity, complex problem solving, critical thinking and teamwork are the soft skills that companies seek in t iPASCUAL PARADA, ACADEMIC DIRECTOR OF IEBS BUSINESS SCHOOL Undoubtedly, an opening ceremony full of experiences, experiences and reflections that will mark the beginning of the transformation journey of the school students. INDEX OF CONTENTS What is our teaching model? If you still do not have a place, hurry up, consult the IEBS training offer and discover or reinforce what you are passionate about through a Master, Postgraduate, Course or Expert Program. It is never too late to start a new training and, surely, online training is what you are looking for. IEBS MASTERS AND POSTGRADUATES Train yourself to be part of the change I want to find out! At IEBS we are committed to innovation, and that is why we are among the best online business schools. The teaching model we offer is an alternative to traditional teaching focused on people with entrepreneurial concerns and skills. The school makes use of new technologies to provide its students with social and collaborative learning that takes advantage of web 4.0 resources and encourages them to learn through experience, practice and solving cases through learning by doing , together to his classmates and teachers.

INFOGRAPHICS What does it mean to be an IEBS student? Download What is the IEBS online methodology? With each training we propose goals to achieve adapted to your motivation and your learning. Each month the tutors and experts guide the process while proposing activities that give you total freedom to distribute the time in the best possible way. Therein lies the key and the advantage of online training: you are the owner of your time. If you do not have time to go to a classroom and you prefer to attend classes from home, without ties and being you the one who manages your time to obtain quality training, IEBS is your school. Each person needs time for learning, that is why the dynamics in today’s teaching are no longer, nor should they be, those of the last century. Because it is never too late to learn something new and knowledge does not take place. The online courses are adapted to the needs of each one. Working and studying has always been the practice of many for years, even in face-to-face training. With online training, those concerns no longer exist; working and studying, or studying several things at the same time, are the practices of the 21st century.

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