The esports phenomenon is experiencing one of the highest growth in followers. Thanks to electronic sports, the doors have been opened to new business ideas in an area that already moves large amounts of money. We are talking about video game competitions with a professional character, Malaysia Phone Number List which are no longer just a game but a profession. Still don’t know what esports are? Keep reading! You may also be interested in: Master in eSports Management The true passion for video game competitions is causing many people to wonder what esports is and what is new with respect to traditional ways of playing. In this article we will tell you everything you need to know about electronic sports. INDEX OF CONTENTS What are eSports? ESports or electronic sports are a novelty in the field of video games. This concept is used to name competitions organized at a professional level. They are multiplayer competitions of different video game disciplines.

Its operation is very simple: each sport has its own rules and they have access to different devices and platforms online or offline. Although at first it might seem that the format would not be successful – an audience that would not enjoy watching as much as playing themselves – it has already been possible to see how these video game competitions in which viewers observe how other gamers play, engage. The Spanish media already realized the potential of electronic sports a few years ago. Hence, the Esports Generation in GOL program was born, a 45-minute newscast that, in addition to offering the latest news from the world, offered reports on LVP (Professional Video Game League) competitions and the weekly appearance of professionals from various teams.

However, it has not only made its way onto television. The fervor for this electronic sport is so great that powerful film companies – Deadline’s Gary Sanchez Productions together with Legendary Pictures (Warcraft) – have already decided to produce a film about this discipline. This is an eccentric comedy within an eSports team . Nobody wants to be left without hatching this golden egg and eSports are right now a very profitable future business.

Video games are no longer just child’s play. At present this discipline fills stadiums. In addition, competitions are held all over the world and are even ” trending topic ” on social networks . Its expansion has led to an increase in business models interested in promoting electronic sports and creating a new ecosystem. Facts about esports Below we leave you various data to help you understand what esports are, what is the average profile of your audience and keys about their way of consuming according to the latest surveys: Most of the audience prefers to play eSports on weekends (62%) , compared to those who prefer to play it during the week (38%). The esports fan lives his passion actively and passively.

The vast majority of respondents say they prefer to watch and play esports (86%) before just playing (7.6%) or just watching (5.7%). Women have represented almost 9% of those surveyed, compared to more than 80% of men. A figure that at first glance might seem very low, but which hides a 293% increase in female representation compared to last year. The home PC continues to be the preferred device for watching sports (60%), followed by mobile as the second option (22%) and, in third place, but very far from the top positions is television (5.9%) . Spain is the third fastest growing country in the sector. What requirements must videogames have to be considered e-Sports? The video game industry is almost infinite so not all of them can be considered Sport.

There are a series of rules or conditions that they must have to be considered as such. Although it is not an official regulation, these are some of its most outstanding characteristics: The game must allow the confrontation between two or more players (games that are not multiplayer are thus discarded). In addition, they must compete on equal terms. That is, players cannot pay to get more experience, only the skill of the competitors comes into play. There must be leagues and official regulated competitions organized by companies or sponsors that echo the event in the media and have professional teams and players. Such as, for example, the LVP (Professional Video Game League), the Orange Super League, the ESL Masters Spain or the EU LCS. Reach a significant number of fans who play or follow the competitions to create information demand.

Currently, there are already several platforms that offer to follow this type of streaming competitions. The most famous is Twitch, owned by the giant Amazon. Other private channels are also joining the trend, such as Movistar TV, which has an alliance with the daily As or Gol TV. They have an exclusive program to talk about these competitions. There are hundreds of games that can comply with these rules, but only a few reach enough video fans to enter the list of electronic sports.

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