Nowadays, the person in charge of PR in the online communication of any company is essential. The combination of PR, Marketing, SEO and Social Networks are essential for the reputation of brands. Here we explain what PR Online is , are you going to miss it? It may interest you: Postgraduate in Story Telling and Transmedia Narrative Many people think that doing PR actions is the same as advertising . PR actions have the objective of transforming the communication processes with the target audience by speaking to them through their influencers. In short, it is to spontaneously massify information and influence consumption decisions and, normally to achieve this, Russia Phone Number List non-paid channels such as Press Releases, RRSS and newspapers are usually used. INDEX OF CONTENTS 2020 Digital Marketing Trends How to exercise PR To start a Public Relations plan, the Digital PR must establish what will be the message, the objectives and the channels through which it is desired to communicate and, thus, define who will be the most suitable people to spread the interest of the brand and / or company.

In a company there is usually more than one Digital PR, moreover, it is usually a team of people: Generators : people who are active in RRSS and spontaneously generate quality content. They do not necessarily have to have a high number of followers, but they do generate a great positive impact. Propagators : they are the people who take the time to select the content to include in their conversations and already have a certain audience of followers. Viralizers : they are the people who have the ability to influence their viewers thanks to the large number of followers and the engagement they have with them. By using people, communication will be much more effective and will have a greater scope due to the spontaneity of its origin. First of all, PR work consists of understanding the organization and its main objectives. Assess what they need from the point of view of communication and design tailored strategies. Traditional PR vs Digital PR Traditional PR is the strategic communication that a brand makes towards an audience of interest that seeks to have mutual benefits and long-term relationships.

And PR Digital is characterized by the use of new media (RRSS, forums, blogs, mailing, among others), use of opinion leaders ( influencers ), valuable content ( Content Marketing ), being interactive (generating feedback), increasing the interaction (engagement) and obtain results (ROI). Strengths and weaknesses of PR Online Like any strategy, the PR also has its strengths and weaknesses. The strong ones are mainly: Opportunity to reach large masses. It is important to strengthen backlinks. The weakest points are: POSTGRADUATE IN DIGITAL MARKETING AND COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT Join the digital change Sign up! Difficult to have great results when done on your own if we do not have direct contact with journalists. The product has to be eye-catching. The fixed cost of press consultancies sometimes does not compensate. Create PR strategy Doing a good PR strategy does not guarantee success but it does help to achieve it. For this, it is important to have planning and follow the appropriate steps: Know where the public is. Know the values ​​of the product that we want to spread. Correctly select distribution channels. Create a relationship with journalists. Avoid large long-term fixed costs.

Evaluate the return. There are many Public Relations strategies, the ones that return the best return are the following: Media relations Work with the media to share news and information about your company such as the Loans that are launched. Sponsorships Provide financial support for an event in exchange for recognition. Internal communications Communicate with employees of other companies using newsletters or social networks, to inform them about the news of the business or the actions that we want to highlight the most. Special events Supporting or organizing other public events is also very good to increase the recognition of your business. Merchandising Making material with the logo and name of the company to deliver to the public is also a good PIAR strategy to be able to reach more people.

Social networks Being active in RRSS, knowing how to manage incoming and outgoing messages and also comments, is a great PR strategy, as long as a good segmentation has been done before. Being the PR of a company is very valuable for the following reasons: Safeguard the reputation of the company. You must always be informed. They are holistic communication strategists. They are creative and key pieces in the conception of the client’s content. It is important to work proposing and placing valuable and true content in the media. What did you think of this article? We have already given you some first guidelines of what PR is and as you may have seen, to be a good Digital PR you have to have a set of knowledge and skills that are not as easy as some may believe. Help us to publicize the functions of Public Relations Comment and share! And if you also want to become a good Digital PR but do not know where to start, we recommend the Postgraduate in Digital Marketing and Community Management where you will learn the keys to direct the communication of a successful business.

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