WPO is an acronym for the Anglo-Saxon expression “Web Performance Optimization”. It consists of a set of strategies and good practices to improve the performance of a website in its technical aspect, such as the loading speed of the pages and the user’s browsing experience. Edgar higuerey Jun 22, 20 | 16 min read what is WPO The user experience when browsing a website has become an elementary aspect for businesses and brands , Honduras Phone Number List especially for those that want to take full advantage of the almost infinite world market that the Internet represents. When we think about how to improve navigability, captivate users and guarantee truly pleasant experiences when visiting a certain website, the WPO emerges as the answer and the masterpiece. Do you know what this element is about? Do you understand how it can help you? Read on and find out! For sure, what is WPO? Web Performance Optimization or, in Spanish, web performance optimization. Yes, that is the meaning of WPO. But don’t think you already know everything about this topic! We are just beginning, as it is a complex, strategic and profound aspect with different edges, which favors business objectives and brand positioning. Although it is a term of just 3 words, the WPO covers a wide series of techniques that reduce or eliminate all those obstacles and frictions that affect the user experience when browsing a web page .

To “illustrate” the essence and characteristics of this strategic and technical practice, let us take as a reference the most common example that may exist: that of the pages created and managed by WordPress , the lord and master of CMS, which covers more than 60% of this market. Thanks to WPO techniques, it is possible to optimize the speed and the templates and mockups of a website “sponsored” by this Content Management System. So that you better understand the scope and importance of this element, let’s analyze, in a concrete way, its main advantages. Let’s go there! What are the advantages of a WPO strategy? As you already know, the WPO significantly improves the experience on the page and makes it much more efficient and attractive , becoming a true source of growth, positioning and generation of business opportunities. Without further ado, here is a list of the specific and valuable benefits that the application of web performance optimization techniques and practices can provide. Better web positioning It is more than clear that the main focus of the WPO is Page Speed , which is the same, the loading speed of a website.

And it is of no use that your page has attractive content and is visually friendly if its loading time is very high, one of the biggest annoyances that the user can experience. Furthermore, Page Speed ​​is one of the main SEO positioning factors . Yes, the increasingly intelligent algorithms of Google and other search engines detect when a site is fast and prioritize it in their results pages (SERPs) . Another point is the fact that a website that works well technically manages to retain the user on its pages for longer , which is also a quality indicator for search engines. In the end, the longer a user navigates a page, the more relevant the content they consume, as interpreted by the Google algorithm. But, what are those techniques and strategies that allow you to increase the loading speed of a website? One of them, which stands out among the “repertoire” of WPO practices, is the optimization of images, by means of tools that allow them to be compressed. Thus, the pages can contain a significant amount of images, a key visual element for the user experience , without being too “heavy” and slow. There are even plugins that automatically optimize any JPG, PNG or GIF image on WordPress sites, such as EWWW Imagine Optimizer or TinyPNG, for example. Higher conversion probability The WPO is not an aspect that only impacts technically and the user experience itself.

Also, it is an ally for commercial processes and business strategies. As the good practices of Digital Marketing dictate , it is important to lead, strategically, people within the web portals, so that they carry out positive actions for the commercial process. For this to be possible, logically, it is necessary to have a significant average time of permanence and a high level of engagement , which is reflected in users who open different tabs and sections within the page. Through the work of WPO you will be able to optimize your page to the point that users will feel motivated to explore all its corners , contents and functionalities. At the same time, they will have incentives to fill out forms and access other windows that allow you to obtain information of interest to boost the conversion rate and your strategies. In this sense, interactive web pages are also very interesting, because they allow us to extract valuable data from each user while clicking on their resources.

User retention on your website Retention, loyalty, longer customer life cycles … all of these are benefits associated with the illustrious WPO. Thanks to the loading speed and other optimizations, users will not only be motivated to spend a significant amount of time on the page, but will return to it frequently and value it as one of those sites they always go to when they connect. to Internet. Overall, the WPO is critical to building a large and loyal audience in a sustainable way . Better return on investment WordPress and other tools make it easy to have a blog, e-commerce and online portal, but this does not mean that it is free. To develop digital visibility and have a captivating page, you need to invest both money and time and effort. Luckily, this investment becomes very profitable and safe when good WPO practices are applied, as, as we have mentioned, it has commercial benefits. And today there is no better agent or sales executive than the website. If many users are willing to listen to it, read it, follow it and see what it brings new and good, the possibilities of significantly expanding the client portfolio and, consequently, the volume of sales are very high, which at the end of the day represents more productivity and income. 14 key factors to successfully implement the WPO The WPO can put a positive spin on your website and ensure that it is a source of business opportunities and profitability. Of course, you will get these benefits as long as you develop this series of techniques effectively and following the best practices. That said, in the next few lines we will explain the 14 key factors to implement Web Performance Optimization successfully.

Attention! 1. Choose a solid hosting solution Web optimization begins as soon as we think about developing a page , since these first planning steps must be taken following the best criteria and practices. Among other things, it is important to aim for a quality alternative in terms of web hosting , which offers flexibility, the possibility of customization and a great management capacity. Among these options, WordPress Hosting stands out . However, common or shared hosting can also help you, especially if your project does not have great technical needs or does not require multiple management functionalities. It all depends on the characteristics of your business. Of course, once you identify the ideal options for your business profile and digital presence, lean towards quality and evaluate references, evaluations and experiences of others, which help you to have a clear vision about the potential of each hosting alternative. To store well-performing web pages, the hosting must have a robust structure capacity and effective support channels, preventing the website from constantly crashing.

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