The tourism industry is experiencing a great revolution that will bring a paradigm shift to the sector. It will not only affect the business model of many companies, but also the marketing strategies , Cambodia Phone Number List attracting and managing the customer experience. Therefore, it is necessary to be up to date with the new trends in tourism digital marketing to be able to adapt and “ride the wave” before others. You may also be interested in: What is tourism marketing? Everything you need to know to succeed in this market Next, I present the 7 latest trends in Tourism Digital Marketing: INDEX OF CONTENTS 1. CREATE NEW EXPERIENCES Generating a positive experience from the moment a tourist meets you until they have already enjoyed their vacations is an inexcusable trend. It is very important to take care of the tourist’s trip through the brand. It’s about pampering every detail of everything your clients do.

Doing it well will make you different. Tourists do not stop looking for different, unusual experiences, that go off the script, of the most trite and photographed. We are witnessing the birth of experiences as the axis of economic value . As the basis of the relationship between brands and people. Not surprisingly, today, 69% of customers are more loyal to a travel company that personalizes their experiences. Therefore, when preparing and designing your value proposition and communicating it through your channels, try to differentiate yourself with unique experiences that surprise the consumer. For this it is important that you focus on your audience. 2. APPLY EMOTIONAL MARKETING TO CONNECT WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS Getting different and unique experiences is important to create personally relevant moments for the client. Through emotional marketing we can create stories, memories and, ultimately, the perfect setting for the consumer to also create their own story. Give life and personality to your brand. Focus on making the experience perceived by your client unique, transcendental, memorable. Create a compelling , real, honest story and encourage conversations around it (conversation). It allows the story to evolve over time and the consumer can influence its evolution by making it their own ( social branding : the brand belongs to your audience).

Make it authentic thanks to synergies with the audience (authenticity)And so you can: Connect with people, places and the present. Create links that travelers can benefit from. Create connections and personal vision – each one makes it their own. 3. AUTOMATE EVERYTHING THAT CAN BE AUTOMATED Another new trend in tourism digital marketing is the automation of tasks, especially those that are more repetitive. Robots, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things , home automation … will burst into the tourism industry at all levels, which will mean strong changes in the organization. When only 3% of companies have successfully completed the digital transformation process undertaken, this change will become an indisputable competitive factor. When you automate content-related marketing tasks, such as blog posts or social media , you can manage their performance from a central platform in a more organized way. Automotive helps you communicate with potential customers and also helps to redefine your marketing strategy, saving time and resources. POSTGRADUATE IN TOURISM MARKETING AND MANAGEMENT 4.0 Learn with the best professionals Learn the keys to apply Marketing in the tourism sector! Thanks to automation, you can optimize publications to obtain high levels of participation, receive notifications about the actions you take, and create personalized responses for the most common queries from your clients. 4. CHANGE YOUR CRM FOR ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE CRMs store, purify, collect personal data … and allow us to obtain information about our target audience.

For this reason, 28% of Spanish companies have this type of tool. However, traditional CRM no longer works . Going from traditional CRM to tools that integrate Artificial Intelligence allows us to create connected experiences with our customers even before they are, going from the moment they become a guest to loyalty. For this, it is essential to have tools that are based on Artificial Intelligence to draw much deeper conclusions. These are capable of managing a greater amount of data and of making a much broader reading, giving us other types of information that we need to focus and segment our campaigns in the best way. Here are some of the reasons why you should take into account this new trend in tourism digital marketing and you should change your CRM:Build customer loyalty . Qualify CRM data well by adding new layers of value. Expand the message, appropriating their platforms. Humanize the message and be transparent . Improve your reputation. 5. BUILD TRUSTING RELATIONSHIPS Zander Lurie, CEO of SurveyMonkey, says that “companies that listen build trust and grow rapidly, because today all industries face a crisis of confidence . ” And he points out that “ people lose confidence in the brand because they get a poor product experience , in 75% of the cases; or because they receive poor customer service (71%).

Not in vain 82% of consumers trust others like him more than the brand ” . Whether or not this is the case, there is a general scenario of mistrust that in the tourism sector can be especially critical. Users seek peace of mind and guarantees when organizing their vacations or getaways, since they do not want anything to spoil the moment. How can you build this relationship? Listen, ask, be proactive Establish complaint detection mechanisms Act with transparency Be honest Be quick Make your mistakes, apologize Reward loyalty Reward mistakes Act with commitment Create brand community Leads 6. INFLUENCER MARKETING We are in full swing of influencers and many brands decide to carry out collaboration campaigns with well-positioned profiles on social networks: influencers. These people share photos on Instagram speaking well of the trips and exposing them when they take them. In this way, credibility increases. 7. SOCIAL NETWORKS Tourism companies look for a way to be close to their target audience and, thanks to social networks, they succeed.

Through them, the company can communicate promotions, discounts, latest news and quality content to reach the customer faster, in addition to building trust. Learn about the latest 7 trends in Tourism Digital Marketing – Keys to Tourism Marketing These are just some of the latest trends in tourism digital marketing that, along with many others, will shape a new scenario within the sector. That is why your company, be it a project, destination or institution, must bear these questions in mind if it wants to be a leader in the nearest future. These are times of change, but also of new opportunities. To learn about Marketing in the tourism sector, you have the opportunity to study our Postgraduate Degree in Tourism Marketing and Management 4.0, a practical program with which to specialize and focus your professional career. Remember: there are few places left for the closing of the call.

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