Stories were released not to Micronesia Email List destroy Snapchat (too late), but to stop people. From Switching to Snapchat. There are reports that Snapchat Stories views have dropped from ince.  Whether it’s a certain age or region, or a full application. There will always be a group of Snapchat users who will never quit the service, but for many others, why use any other platform if Instagram offers “good enough” feature Micronesia Email List s? As evident from Snapchat’s pre-IPO filings, the launch of Instagram Stories has significantly slowed its growth, which will (and should) be a big red flag for

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Whether or not this will last in the long Palau Email List run is anyone’s guess – looking at investor sentiment (after initial listing at $24, it closed at $27 vs. $17 before listing), see Many people believe that Snapchat will be the next Facebook. Others worry Palau Email List that this is the next Twitter. Many of Snap’s financial and operational metrics are similar to, if not inferior to, Twitter when it first went public. Given my limited knowledge of venture capital, I know that without a clear strategic reason, seeing an increase in the cost of revenue per user is Micronesia Email List never a good sign – and for Twitter and Facebook, it’s generally flat.

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Ben Thompson has more super-detailed Palau Email List financial analysis here If Snapchat can.   Snap CEO Evan Spielberg is a very savvy “product” guy (yes I want Micronesia Email List something like “glasses”). Everyone else). Personally, I’m in a less confident camp. Facebook (and Instagram) have built a global behemoth and garnered a lot of attention in people’s everyday lives. Their “moat” is a social graph of your friends, family, likes, and more, and Micronesia Email List, unlike Snapchat, that moat also means they can and do target

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