In these days of confinement, small, medium and large companies in the tourism sector do not stop thinking, speculating, trying to anticipate what the new normal will be once the confinement of Covid-19 is over. And it is true that there are more and more clues, but there is still great uncertainty. Next, we explain what will happen to tourism after the Covid-19 crisis, Cameroon Phone Number List do not miss it! It may interest you: Postgraduate in Tourism Marketing and Management 4.0 Without a doubt, the tourism is one of the sectors most affected by the pandemic. The essence of tourism is movement, the transit of people, and right now that mobility is prohibited. But what will happen once the lockdown is over? How long will it take for the population to regain their travel habits? Will you get them back completely? Everything indicates that the new normal will not resemble the old one, at least until there is a vaccine. Used to seeing crowded beaches, crowded museums, crowded bars, streets full of passersby, we have to get used to the idea that this summer will be very different. What exactly will it be like? The Government gives us clues with a dropper, probably because they have not decided yet either. And this doubt causes great concern about the economic impact on tourism and the answer depends on several factors that we still do not know.

INDEX OF CONTENTS Factors that will affect tourism Among these factors are the decisions made by the Government regarding the mobility of people, the opening of public spaces, limited capacity, but also the aversion to risk, the economic impact on families, the increase in prices of leisure services, the possibility of a new virus outbreak, etc. Even without knowing how the events will unfold, we imagine that we will be very cautious and prefer to avoid crowded spaces, services that involve sharing or / and exchanging objects or excessive closeness between strangers. Therefore, the forecast for tourism recovery is not encouraging in the short term. If anything gives us hope, it is tourism resilience in a historical context. This sector has managed to resurface and generate employment after each crisis. The question now is how long the current crisis will last. We know that tourism will recover, we know that it will generate employment again, and new tourism business models will probably emerge adapted to new circumstances and needs. The question is when will it happen? The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) does not dare to make predictions at the moment. The Secretary General of the UNWTO, Zurab Pololikashvili, considers that it is too early to make an assessment of the impact of Covid-19 on tourism.

In order to develop a united response, UNWTO has created a World Tourism Crisis Committee and is preparing a global guide for recovery from the economic and social crisis caused by the Coronavirus. De- escalation steps for tourism after Covid-19 Thinking in the short term, despite the uncertainty and lack of information, we imagine that we will gradually emerge from confinement. Surely, we will recover before the displacements at the national level , and later the borders with other countries will be opened . POSTGRADUATE IN TOURISM MARKETING AND MANAGEMENT 4.0 Get trained in the tourism sector and learn about the most innovative and up-to-date strategies in the sector. Sign up! We are too used to moving and spending time outside our homes, and we will not give up doing it, so we will have to look for the safest, most hygienic and let’s not fool ourselves, options allowed to do so. Before thinking about big trips, I imagine ourselves taking short trips to the mountains or the beach, hiking, picnics in the open air or even caravan holidays.

So we intuit that after the crisis caused by the pandemic, there will be a growth in national tourism compared to international tourism : more outings to nature than to cities, more trips in cars, riding a bike with the children, taking our sandwiches and eating sitting on the grass or the beach. New trends and new customs that will open the door to new business opportunities. TOOL 80 Free Social Media Tools Download Technology, the great ally of tourism In this digital age, in which we rely on apps to make decisions, technology can be a great ally. It can help keep your distance and prevent infections. There may be apps that warn of crowds of people, that regulate the capacity and schedules in highly frequented tourist places, in restaurants, museums, … Apps that allow us to replace the audio guides with our smartphones. I see a great opportunity in the Internet of Things. Interconnected objects that guide and inform us while maintaining distances from others. There is no doubt that hotels have a great challenge ahead. Hotels, apartments, rural houses, holiday accommodation, etc. They must give guarantees of hygiene, otherwise it will be very difficult for them to have clients as long as the aversion to the risk of the virus is maintained. And this is when cleaning reviews and ratings will carry more weight than ever . But will having a good reputation be enough for the client to book that accommodation? Seals of trust and guarantee of hygiene in the form of certificates would reinforce the trust of the client. This health crisis may also accelerate innovation in hotels .

Automatic check ins through machines to avoid contact with other humans, robotic cleaning systems , home automation in the rooms , among other options. The technology reduces contact with others , but in turn, lead to a downside, declining employment opportunities. More complicated is the situation of the restaurants. Hundreds of people sharing tables, chairs, glasses, cutlery, tongs, coffee machine, food and drink. This problem has a much more complicated and expensive solution. Regulate the capacity, constant disinfection, distance of 1 meter in the queue, individual utensils, … Now would be a great opportunity to use single- use cutlery made of sustainable material , we do not want the Covid-19 crisis to aggravate the crisis! from plastic pollution! But sadly, we also know that many accommodations, bars and restaurants will not open their doors this season. And it is that we will have to overcome the crisis, resist and think about recovery once we have a vaccine. And for now we will have to learn to do tourism respecting the established social distance and the maximum hygiene measures.

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