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Acquire specialized knowledge to manage the digital marketing of your organization. ACL Direct Promo · We know about Relationship Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives · Cabo Verde Email List We like to create unique experiences More than 90% of consumers who stop following brands and unsubscribe from email lists, do so for reasons related to the quality of content and lack of interest in brand marketing strategies, are the main reasons according to a report by the email marketing company Exact Target.

The Social Break – Up, as the study has been called, analyzed a representative sample of 1,500 consumers, analyzing the main motivations for unsubscribing from communities or unsubscribing from email marketing campaigns. The figures are clarifying, very revealing and of great informative interest for brands, since from these variables many companies can improve their social marketing strategies. 91% of consumers have unsubscribed from email marketing schemes. 77% of consumers are more reluctant to share their email details with startups. 81% of consumers intend to unsubscribe or delete their brand tracking,

71% of consumers make a more exhaustive selection than last year of the communities they follow on Facebook. 51% of consumers believe that communications with brands start with a like, while 40% believe the opposite. 41% of US consumers have unfollowed a brand or company on Twitter. With 95% of consumers in the United States using email, the conclusions obtained in relation to email marketing are highly relevant and very positive since it allows them to keep a large part of their followers.

Social networks, Faebook and Twitter, have 65% of consumers, achieving 9% of consumers who recognize themselves as addicts. New Relationship Marketing: Utopia Comes True Tags marketing-relational marketing marketing-mass Master in Digital Marketing Management – UPF-BSM Acquire specialized knowledge to manage the digital marketing of your organization. ACL Direct Promo · We know about Relationship Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences

Social networks arrived and, what was proposed as a platform designed for personal relationships and the transmission of relevant information, became a new business model resulting in a location within globalization, which allows real-time communication interaction of brands with their target audience. But also … it became a new way of establishing relationships of all kinds.

Traditional tools and the great power of mass marketing are relegated to the effectiveness of online marketing, however there are still edges of traditional marketing that, when well integrated, can optimize the results obtained by an online marketing strategy.

We are therefore facing a new era for marketing, the era of relationship marketing, the era of the consumer, the era of trust, in short … the era of relationships. In this new cycle and with a recently released year in which all projections point to an increase in brands that will make investments in online marketing campaigns, the role of marketing reaches its climax in the relationships between brands and people. Relationships based on feedback that results in satisfaction for consumers and the achievement of objectives for brands.

The key is the generation of trust and sustainable and efficient relationships, in relationship marketing several concepts taken from traditional marketing are combined and after years of remaining in the drawer of oblivion, CRM acquires such a determining role that even the great Google will penalize to brands that do not provide quality service.

Relationship marketing is a classic discipline adapted to the social media environment. New relationship marketing … refers to the channels through which they establish relationships, social networks that allow listening, dialogue and feedback.

To achieve success in a relationship marketing campaign, the first thing that must be put into practice is the application of common sense; relational- relationships- user-brand linkage establishes the success of the actions of a relational marketing strategy.


Purpose and objectives, first of all, the purpose to be pursued must be well defined, which will lead to efficient actions that will result in loyal and happy users who will spread their perception of the brands, achieving a very positive impact on the communities.

Efficient and sustainable relationships, the generation of trust is the essence of relationship marketing and it is very important not to think about financial objectives when putting it into practice, the great bet of relationship marketing is to build loyalty and the consolidation of long-term relationships.

Values ​​and trust

Values, commitments, credibility … these three factors are essential for establishing solid relationships. Brands that act in a congruent way and that generate trust, both to their internal clients and to their potential external clients … this is an essential seal of brands and relationship marketing is the most effective channel for transmitting values.

Relationships and customer service

This is one of the most delicate aspects of relationship marketing since, on the one hand, it is necessary for brands to bond with their potential clients in the sense of promoting active listening as an essential formula in the identification of interests and needs, in the same way Dialogue with customers helps to modify and adapt marketing strategies, deepening the information received from users, this is undeniable.

However, there are some currents of thought that think that brands should “see their users as if they were partners” … here it is convenient to make a turning point and a wake-up call since brands should not forget the precepts of customer service. client. At the present time, customers feel that although they can have control, what they value most in the quality of the service provided.

Thin line that brands must work in order to find balance … interaction, commitment, trust, active listening, dialogue … yes, always without forgetting the quality of the service provided as the nerve center of achieving the objectives.

Engagement and interaction, the power to get involved

We talk about relationship marketing, we talk about interaction for the optimization of relationships. We talk about the satisfaction of interests, needs and objectives, on the part of users and brands and if we delve a little into its precepts, we will realize that, the more brands are involved, the stronger and more durable the relationships will be established and the more efficient will be the information that the brands will obtain from that connection.

To conclude, we are going through a new era, a social era, an era that constantly seeks and exalts trust and is absolutely necessary to establish relationships of any kind. We must not forget that the global crisis that is being experienced at the planetary level and that has been called systemic, has as its point of origin the lack of trust, abuse and impunity, this exaltation of values ​​such as honesty, commitment, trust and respect, It is not only necessary for brands to increase their sales figures … but it is essential to build communities … ultimately, solid, long-lasting, sustainable and trustworthy societies.

Relationship marketing is one of the most utopian variants of marketing but … is it not better to establish utopian relationships that favor all societies? … Fortunately, concepts such as commitment and trust are beginning to be recurrent and indispensable … Utopia becomes a reality, it is in each brand and each client, knowing how to take advantage of their virtues.


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