A SaaS company must recognize the importance of interactive content, powerful allies to accelerate the sales cycle. Therefore, it is important to know the different types that exist, to include them in your strategy. Diego Gomes Jun 22, 20 | 7 min read benefits of interactive content for saas SaaS companies have discovered that interactive content can be powerful allies in accelerating the sales cycle . Any Content Marketing strategy must include this concept in practice. Anyway, changing direction is always a challenge, especially when the main goal is to be more attractive to potential customers . Therefore, Ghana Phone Number List so that you can understand more about this topic, we have put together some examples and ideas that will be of great use to you when building a solid and successful strategy. Continue reading! Why do you need interactive content for your SaaS company? Interactive content has a lot of presence on the Internet. Surely you have already downloaded an ebook, read an infographic or answered a questionnaire? If so, you’ve certainly already interacted with this type of resource. We are talking about digital experiences designed to engage your audience , rather than passively consume content. There is a gulf between these two things! An interactive experience typically includes a feedback loop , whereby the user takes an action and receives something personalized in return.

The bottom line is that interactive content ultimately grabs and captures people’s attention much more efficiently than a traditional blog post or simple PDF . Therefore, it quickly became a trend among Content Marketing best practices. Enrich the user experience Interactive SaaS content turns a monologue into a dialogue. This specific quality makes it perfect for Digital Marketing . According to ion Interactive , for example, 70% of marketers say that interactive content actually converts site visitors. In fact, most marketers consider engagement their primary goal. From this point of view, interactive content enriches the user experience, thereby causing an increase in the conversion rate . Improve the buyer’s journey The time it takes for a person to decide to buy something is a fertile field for marketing actions. By adding interactive content to your strategy, that moment can be used to capture the attention of your leads. The buying journey is accelerated in all stages. In the first phase – discovery – the interaction functions as a powerful means of attraction. Then, in the consideration phase, you can demonstrate the benefits of your products. In this context, a competitive differential of interactive content for SaaS is personalization . This means giving your clients an example that perfectly fits their needs. Let’s take a closer look at how interactive calculators are especially useful for this purpose.

It is much more than just text The interactivity combines a wealth of information with a unique experience, thanks to the optimization of content. This brings you closer to your buyer persona — and you are no longer leading the conversation. In those early stages, it means offering different options to each user. Regardless of who you talk to, you cannot limit yourself solely to text, your content must add value and provide information in an attractive way by integrating other resources. A study by the Content Marketing Institute indicated that marketing campaigns used 63% more images than in the previous year. That means photos, infographics, etc. Interactive infographics, questionnaires, ebooks and whitepapers are very useful for evaluating your customers’ knowledge and taking them to the next step: the evaluation phase. At this stage, the goal is to educate and collect more data. Here you can use interactive ebooks, assessments, calculators, solution finders, and product configurators. All this interactive content, in its own way, will show your customers how your product solves their problem in a specific setting. In later stages, when customers are ready to buy and make decisions, you can deepen your data collection. Let’s see how it can be done! How to use interactive content for SaaS? You can find various types of interactive content . To choose the best one, you first need to know your audience and develop your Digital Marketing strategy . Start by creating your buyer persona — it can even be more than one if your audience is diverse. This semi-fictional character is the one who will guide all your content. Here are some tips to help you get the best results! Focus on utility Ask yourself this: is this content really useful? Are you asking a question or answering a specific question from my audience? Don’t just focus on what matters to your business.

You have to put yourself in the shoes of your clients to be able to explore their doubts and needs. Create educational materials and distribute them for free. First of all, users are the ones who should be interested in them and if they are willing to share them with friends, even better. The more valuable your content is, the faster you will gain visibility and impact the buyer’s journey . Remember to simplify all interaction instances , for example long forms with many questions do not usually work. Continuity and consistency Focus on helping your clients achieve their goals. It is important to map the likely next step they will take to optimize our interactive content along the way. Although the first stage is essential, your products must be attractive in all of them. Interactive content that is at the top of the funnel , but that is not developed can cause the navigator to give up . You have to attract and continue adding values ​​with new experiences. Do not forget that this relationship goes beyond the buyer’s journey, you also need to strengthen the bond in the after-sales . Turn data into experiences Digital transformation means, among other things, adapting everything to carry out data-driven strategies. SaaS companies are already very familiar with this idea, so use this to your advantage. Collect data from the sales team to identify the most common questions from your audience.

This can be the basis of your interactive content strategy, as it helps you create personalized paths for each client. Keep in mind that it is necessary that, in addition to connecting your marketing team with this idea, you also do so with the sales team , support and with any other department that generates data that can be used. The content based on data aim to capture information through natural commitment. A form field isn’t exactly the best interactive tool for that role – a differentiated assessment or a calculator may be more effective . Interactive content is the highest quality type of data, because the user only shares it with you. Turn this into valuable information for your next materials, in order to create unique experiences for each client. For the benefit of sellers, make it work Data is a real asset for businesses, so make the most of it. Interactive content makes life easier for sellers by creating more engagement from the audience. Create triggers that turn data into notifications for your sales team. Show salespeople potential leads, tell them how customers think, and motivate them to make suggestions in real time. The automation is essential to transform unique insights into strategic actions based on data . In addition to being useful, we must be simple and sophisticated. The buyer persona is a great tool that helps your sales team to be more precise and attractive when creating a dialogue.


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