BureauTaal translates the levels as follows. A text at C2 level Saudi Arabia Phone Number is very difficult and a text at B1 level is easy. In total, 95% of the Dutch understand a text at the B1 level, according to the communication agency. Criticism of B1 language Many Saudi Arabia Phone Number communication specialists, copywriters and even the government advise you to write texts at the B1 level. Yet there is also criticism of B1 language use.

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Reuse Of Content

The B1 level is not about texts.  The B1 level from the CEFR Saudi Arabia Phone Number says nothing about the difficulty level of a text. This is the opinion of Carel Jansen, professor of communication and information sciences, among others. In his article in Onze Taal. He explains that the CEFR levels are about people’s command of written and oral language skills. More Saudi Arabia Phone Number specifically, people learning a new European language. These are people who do not communicate in Taiwan Lead their native language. In short, the CEFR levels are about people and not (just) about texts.

 Content Can Be Even Better

Coherence in your text and a logical structure is, for example, just as important. Always check whether your text matches the task of your reader. To do this, you need to immerse yourself in your target audience as much as possible. Do your readers need to know how they take their medicines? Or can they decide which energy plan they want to take out? The answers to these questions determine how you write your text.


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